10 Amazing Facts About Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force10 Amazing Facts About Indian Air Force

You would be shocked to know this fact that from 1945 to 1950 Indian Air Force was called the Republic Indian Air Force but then after the independence of India the government of India removed Royal from the Royal Indian Air Force and from that time we call it Indian Air Force.
Our IAF not only does our nation’s missions but with the UN it does peacekeeping missions too.
What is the motto of the Indian Airforce?
The motto of the Indian Airforce is Nabh Sparsham Deeptam it is taken from the 11th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita its Hindi meaning is to touch the sky.
Which is the largest air base in Asia?
Hindon air base which is in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad is the most extensive air base in Asia! and the 8th largest air base in the world.
IAF is the 4rth largest air base in the world after the air forces of the US, Russia, China come to India.
Indian Air Force
Even though the IAF is the 4rth largest air force but it has done some missions that the biggest air force have also not done IAF made a record in rescuing people when the flood came in Uttarakhand Mission Raahat was executed, and according to that around 20000 people who were stuck there were rescued, yes not 100 or 200 not even 1000 or 2000 it is 20000 only 4 persons can sit in a helicopter but here are 20000 people.
The training time of the Garud Commando force last 72 weeks which is the most time taking a course in the indian air force there are 52 weeks in a year means that this course lasts for 1 and a half years.
Nimal Jit Singh Sekhon is the only IAF officer who has been honoured with award Param Veer Chakra in the year 1971 in the India-Pakistan war the bravery he showed for it he has been awarded.
Indian Air Force
How many air bases indian air force have?
IAF has 60 air bases that are spread all over India.
Who is the father of IAF?
Subroto Mukherjee is the father of IAF.

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