iPhone 15 launch date : Apple products releasing in a year

iPhone 15 launch date and Apple products releasing within a year

All of us waiting for iPhone 15 launch date to be revealed. So, will it be released this year or in 2024? How many more products Apple is going to release within a year? Stick with the article till the end to know the launch date of iPhone 15.

Everybody wants to experience the iPhone smartphone. iPhone fans are always eager for new features and functions. They just want Apple products in their hand and the are happy. Even though Samsung might disagree, iPhone is arguably the best smartphone in the entire world. In order to capitalize on the iconic brand and its value in consumers’ minds, many top brands have even released iPhone knockoffs. Since the first iPhone was introduced by the former CEO Steve Jobs, Apple’s new releases have consistently set the bar for the smartphone market in terms of features, design, and aesthetics.

iphone 15 updates & leaks
iphone 15 updates & leaks

Many of us know what is going to come in iPhone 15. Lot of features have been leaked but related to release date still speculations are made. Apple iPhone 15 Update Reveals New Features

iPhone 15 launch date

Since 2014, Apple iPhone releases take place in the autumn. Mid-September saw the debut of the most recent iPhone 14 series. At the end of September, the iPhone 13 series was also unveiled. Before we say anything concrete, keep in mind that October has also seen launches.

But September is typically the month for launches, and that is probably the case this year as well. Again, the trend points toward the second or third week of September for the iPhone 15’s release date. It might be September 12 specifically. Keep in mind, though, that nothing about it is official and that things could change.

The schedule may change if something prevents Apple from keeping its release and sale dates close enough together. The new Apple iPhone 15 will therefore be unveiled this September’s second week, so mark your calendars, iPhone users.

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Apple products releasing within a year / Apple products coming out in 2023 – 2024Apple products coming out in 2023 - 2024

2023 has lot of good news for Apple fans. During 2023 and 2024 several products will be released. According to Mark Gurman, Apple is working on a wide range of products, some of which will use the M3 processor, for release in 2024 and beyond.

  • iPhone 15 (and Plus, Pro and Pro Max)
  • Apple Watch Series 9
  •  Apple Watch Ultra
  • 14-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad mini7
  • M2 iMac/  M3 iMac
  • iPhone SE Plus
  • HomePod
  • Gaming console
  • iCar

The M3, which will be Apple’s first Mac processor made using a 3nm process, will probably result in significant performance and architectural changes that may have an effect on the processor’s appearance and technical specifications.

Mark Gurman about Updates

Other than the fact that they will have M3 versions of the same M2 processors they currently have, Gurman doesn’t provide any new information about the updates. He does, however, mention that OLED screens will be available for the iPad Pro and that a high-end iMac with a screen “over 30 inches” might be available.

Gurman states, Apple products in Pipeline

Gurman also refers to a number of items that are “in early development” and do not yet have an expected release date. Among them are an updated Apple TV 4K with “improved specifications” and the third-generation AirPods Pro. All told, excluding the headsets from the Vision Pro line, there are more than a dozen new products being worked on.

“New home equipment like smart displays,” which have been speculated about for some time, are also reportedly in the works. A device with a magnetic docking station that allows it to switch between a smart home device and a tablet, similar to Google’s new Pixel Tablet, may be in the works, according to earlier reports.

So, Apple iPhone users are you excited for upcoming Apple products? The article must have given you rough idea about iPhone 15 launch date.

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