Apple iPhone 15 Update Reveals New Features

iPhone 15 Big News & Updates

Apple iPhone 15 Pro series and iPhone 15 non-Pro series have come out with amazing leaks. There are some news that will make you very happy and some news that will make you angry. So lets if you are happy or angry till the end of the article.
The glass panel on the display of the iPhone 15 ( iPhone 14 has its display is inside and a glass panel is pasted on it) have leaked from the iPhone 15 series. So what you see in front of you are the glass panels of the iPhone 15 series. And what you see in the back is the glass panel of the iPhone 14 series.
iPhone 15 Pro's glass panels are much thinner
iPhone 15 Pro’s glass panels are much thinner
After that, it has been compared. So it can be seen that the bezels of the iPhone 15 Pro’s glass panel are much thinner than before. So Apple wants to take it towards an immersive experience. The bezels of the ios 15 Pro will be significantly thinner than the iPhone 14 Pro. So it will be more fun to use it.

iPhone 15 Specifications.

The bezels of the NON-Pro iPhone 15 are not as thin as those of the iPhone 15 Pro. But one thing is that there is no notch. So like in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, Apple has used a notch and in the iPhone 14 Pro Max, they have used a dynamic island. So by removing this notch, Apple is going to give a dynamic island to all the models.
So this will be a very good thing, it will be a uniformity that in all the phones, you will get to see a similar look in the front, whether it’s a Pro model or a non-Pro model. It will also give a fresher look. This time, people are very disappointed with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus because they look very similar to the iPhone 13 series. But in the iPhone 15, at least this will change.

iPhone 15 Refresh Rate?

In the iPhone 14, you didn’t get to see an always-on display and you didn’t get to see the ProMotion display either. Its refresh rate is 60Hz.
Similarly, in the non-Pro model of the iPhone 15 series, you don’t get to see, an always-on display like the iPhone 14 Pro or the iPhone 15 Pro.
And you won’t get to see the ProMotion, which is a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate display.
So here, instead of Dynamic Island, if Apple had given these features, it would have been better.(just opinion)
There is big news here from MacoTakara. This is the website and they have released a video where they have tested the compatibility of the dummy models of the ios 15 series with the iPhone 14 series cases. The iPhone 15 series will be exactly the same as the iPhone 14 series from the back. In the Pro model, you will see a triple camera and in the non-Pro model, you will see dual cameras diagonally placed.
The bezels of the display are thinner than before, especially in the Pro models, the edges of the display are more curved than the current phones. So if we look at the edges of the 3D printed dummy models and the edges of the iPhone 14 Pro,  the edges of the display are more rounded in upcoming iPhone 15.
There is Type-C port in all the models of the iPhone 15 series. We can see more rounded edges and the sides, and the size of the dummy model is smaller than the case because the thickness of the iPhone 15 Pro series will be slightly thicker than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. But the width and height of the iPhone 15 will also be less than the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.
How is this possible?
Because the bezels will be thinner, so the height and width of the iPhone will be slightly less. This is good because you will be able to use it more easily with one hand. The last good news is that in all the models of the ios 15 series, Apple will boost the battery life, especially in the Pro models.

Which Bionic chipset iPhone 15 have?

In the Pro models, the A17 Bionic chipset will be available, which will be exclusive for the Pro models. So if you buy the Pro model, you will get this chip. You will not get this chip in the non-Pro model. Apple is going to give this chip in the non-Pro model of the next year’s 15 series.

Will iPhone 15 have 3nm chip?

In the iPhone 15 Pro, you will get A17 Bionic, which is a 3nm technology. So it will be a more efficient chipset than now. And the second thing that you will see in all the 15 models is that the driver of the OLED display will be reduced from 48nm to 28nm. Apple will use it, which will reduce the battery consumption of the display and increase the battery life of the phone.
So these were the amazing leaks of the ios 15 series Pro and non-Pro models. Maximum leaks are good. The only thing that is a little sad is that there will be no always-on display in the non-Pro model of the 15 series and you will not be able to see the ProMotion display. But with the dynamic island, Apple has taken a positive step.
What do you think about the leaks of the ios 15 series?
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