Laptop for online classes – A New Pandemic Friend

Laptop for Online Classes

Learning a new skill has become a new hobby nowadays. Trending skills like Video editing, Graphic designing, Digital Marketing, etc. have taken a huge boost. This change is seen after the Pandemic. COVID-19 has changed thinking, learning, and working perspectives. Everyone is affected by it, it doesn’t matter which field you belong to. Many students enjoyed that period as they did not have to go to school or college physically and could attend classes online. Some attended classes with Mobile while some demanded a Laptop for education purposes from parents but ended up playing games with friends.

Increased demand for Laptops

Opening the camera and with the mic off was the ritual for every student. However, not everyone had the facility to attend classes as some lacked internet while some did not have devices to join. They used parents mobile to attend classes but this was not easy to keep watching small screens for a long time. While in some houses children were more but devices were less. Also, they could not ask for a mobile every time from their parents because their parents also have to do work. These scenarios created a demand for a laptop for online classes and projects. Keeping in mind learning purpose Laptops were more multitasking and better than mobile so parents preferred to buy that.

Buying Laptop for Online classes to Learn and Earn

It was not easy to decide the type of laptop to buy as some wanted it for classes, some wanted it for learning new skills, and some wanted it majorly for entertainment. School students mainly needed a Laptop for online classes, taking notes, making presentations, taking exams, and completing projects. College students were more close to practical learning so specifications matter for them. As the need was different for everyone preferences for specifications in laptops were according to that. Features considered mainly were:

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Camera
  • Graphic card
  • Battery 
  • Price
  • Ports
  • StorageLaptop for online classes - A New Pandemic Friend

The young generation preferred those laptops that had heavy specifications that didn’t fit into their parent’s budget. To them, the usage of laptops was not limited to studying only but the thing that emerged during the pandemic was the Gaming industry. Many started Gaming YouTube channels and gained a lot of followers which not only made them famous but also started earning a good amount. Getting money at a young age while sitting at home intrigued them more towards digital screens.

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Friends with benefits?

Spending a lot of time parallel to screens and interacting without frequent blinking of eyes also concerns on health of the eyes. Screen time in children increased by 52% during lockdown. Glasses on young eyes are what you must have seen in today’s generation. It is hard to keep today’s children away from gadgets. Even 2 year old child is addicted to it so much, it becomes hard for parents to feed them without it.

During the lockdown period average screen time was very high at all age groups. Consumption of the Internet increased. A person could spend their whole day in small cubicles in peculiar postures.

Students didn’t attend classes regularly, or attentively. Instead, they spent more time on gaming and entertainment. As they could take a Laptop anywhere they wanted, they would spend time alone. Handy laptop, internet, and no one to disturb them was in their mind. Parents bought laptops for online classes but some didn’t see their children effectively using them while some parents also encouraged them to learn other skills than academic knowledge while keeping health first.Gaming laptop

Efficient use of Digital devices

Excessive use of anything is not good. Digital devices bring in a lot of advantages which one should take but ensure optimal usage. 20-20-20 rule can be followed. Taking a 20-second break and focusing on something 20 feet away after every 20 minutes of screen time will not only keep people active but also reduce eye strain.

Parents can play a role in reducing screen time by spending more time with children and encouraging them to indulge in healthy activities. Although now schools and colleges are open parents and children should make followable timetables for using digital devices.

The pandemic is almost gone but has left its effects. Parents and Students have to understand excessive use of devices is affecting their health mentally and physically thus promoting the use of mobile and laptops for educational purposes only. Try to lessen the dependency on devices and promote an overall positive and healthy environment.

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