How to Resell Meesho products? How to earn with Meesho

Meesho Resell – Complete Guide

Meesho is a platform where you can Buy, Sell and Resell Meesho products. Meesho gives you the opportunity to earn money online with your own business sitting at home with Zero Investment. You can share Meesho app products with your network or on social media as a Reseller, and you’ll get paid for each sale you make. There are more than 1 lakh+ products listed on Meesho that you can resell. These products are provided by suppliers who have tied up with Meesho which you can share and add commission as much as you want.

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Venom TshirtRegister with Meesho

  • First get yourself register with Meesho by simply with basic information like mobile number, email, name address, etc.
  • Now login to your Account after filling credentials.

How to Resell Meesho Products?

To Resell Meesho Products you have to get some basic things cleared like the product you are going to sell, where you are going to sell, your target audience, how much commission to add, product reviews, etc.

Make Meesho Reselling easy by following these steps:

  • First, do research about your target market. Suppose you want to sell Men T-shirts, then probable buyers will be from the place where the weather is hot. Try to select which people are searching for. You have to select its cheaper version as your product.

resell meesho

  • Share your selected product images and details.
  • In detail, state the price at which you want to sell. In the above-shown picture, the price of an Oversized T-shirt is 169. Suppose you want to earn a commission of 150 Rupees on each sale of this T-shirt. Then state the price 169 + 150 = 319.
  • Share the product priced at 319 rupees on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any place where you see there is a chance of getting the sale. I would recommend you promote it on Facebook particularly.
  • Whenever a person sees the product and shows interest in buying they would contact you. As you must have shared your mobile number or any contact information while sharing product images and descriptions.
  • If a person gets satisfied. He will ask you to place an order.
  • Now you have to place that particular T-shirt. Ask buyer’s address and contact details. Keep in mind while sharing products take note of product codes so that it becomes easy for you to find shared products.meesho resell


  • Come on Meesho App, select that product, and click on BUY NOW after selecting the size of the Buyer.
  • Now put the buyer’s name, address, and contact details.meesho resell
  • The above-shown picture, it’s showing 71 delivery charges which makes product cost + delivery charge = 240 rupees. Mostly, products don’t have delivery charges. Press CONTINUE
  • Now select a payment method. Recommended is CASH ON DELIVERY because it will build trust.
  • Under the payment method option, There is the option of RESELLING THE ORDER. Mark it to resell on meesho
  • After selecting YES, add your MARGIN.
  • Suppose you have stated rupees 400 as the price of the product to the buyer. So here your commission is 160 rupees. 169 (product price)+ 71(delivery charge)+ 160(your commission) = 400(total)how to resell on meesho
  • In 7 to 10 days the product will be delivered to the buyer.
  • The best thing is that on the delivery box, it will mention 400 as the product’s price and will not mention any type of Meesho logo or branding.

How Meesho Helps in Reselling

  • Tie up with high-quality suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Resellers are regularly updated with the latest market trends in The ‘For You’ section on the Meesho app.
  • Meesho partners with reliable logistic partners who deliver the goods to customers across India. Meesho assumes responsibility for shipping and delivery, and it’s free.
  • Free Cash on Delivery Meesho Resellers has an advantage that other Resellers don’t.
  • Easy and hassle-free returns and exchanges.
  • The Customer Support team is diligent and well-trained to provide instant solutions to Reseller queries.
  • Meesho Business Academy is a one-stop shop for resellers, offering entertaining learning materials and videos.

Hope after this article on How to Resell Meesho products? we must have cleared your doubts related to Meesho Resell.


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