What are the causes of Improper Digestion?

Causes of Improper Digestion, Symptoms, Remedies

What is Constipation? – It is a common digestive disorder that affects many people of all ages and can cause a lot of discomfort. There are some natural lifestyle choices that can be very, very effective in reducing symptoms of constipation and improving your bowel function.

Chronic constipation is not being able to have bowel movements regularly. sometimes difficulty in passing out of stools can go on for several weeks or even longer. Constipation mostly occurs when waste or stools move very slowly through the digestive tract. Sometimes there is difficulty in eliminating through the rectum.

This can make the stool hard and dry. although in some cases occasional constipation is very common. Chronic constipation can interfere with a person’s daily schedule. It is important to look at the cause of constipation but sometimes the cause is never found. however, let us see the list of probable causes of Improper Digestion.

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Causes of Improper Digestion

Any blockages in the colon or rectum may slow or stop stool movement. There could be neurological problems in the nerves of the colon and rectum, and an inability to relax the pelvic muscles to allow for a better bowel movement. Pelvic muscles that don’t coordinate relaxation and contraction correctly weakened pelvic muscles and hormonal imbalances. Other factors could be Advanced age, dehydration, low fiber diet, little or no physical activities, certain medications, and having some mental health conditions such as depression or an eating disorder. These were the causes of Improper Digestion.

Symptoms of Improper Digestion

Causes of Improper Digestion have some Symptoms like:

Infrequent bowel movements like fewer than three stools a week. Difficulty passing stools, because they are lumpy or hard. Straining during bowel movements, the feeling of incomplete elimination of stools, and feeling as if there is a blockage in the rectum that prevents one from passing stools. Need help to empty the wrecked up such as pressing on the abdomen with your hand or using a finger to remove stools from the rectum.

If a person experiences two or more of these symptoms for three months, then it is a case of chronic constipation. If you are someone who suffers from chronic constipation you can manage it gradually with this diet modification, lifestyle changes, and some exercise.

In yoga, there are four important lifestyle aspects to manage any symptoms or ailments.

AHAAR – Food

VIHAAR– Relax, Recreation and sleep

ACHAAR –  Behavioral pattern

VICHAAR – Thought processescauses of improper digestion

So let’s understand about

AHAAR –  Eating the right food can play a very-very important role in relieving constipation. Consuming pure and fresh Satwik food. Having regular timings, chewing food thoroughly, having smaller frequent meals, eating light and early dinners, and consuming fluids throughout the day can help prevent constipation. Fresh lime water, fruits, and high-fiber foods such as grain vegetables, and legumes should be included in the diet.

A glass of warm water in the morning is a must. Add Isabgol to the milk at bedtime, but not don’t make it a habit. It is important to avoid overeating, Tamsic, and Rajasic food, all-purpose flour also avoids contaminated food. Juice, fruits, or Salad prepared outside eateries under unhygienic conditions.

VIHAAR – Recreation, Relaxation techniques such as getting adequate sleep. conscious relaxation, strolling after meals is important, pursuing hobbies, and spending time with nature can help reduce stress and promote bowel movements.

ACHAAR – Behavioral pattern. Establishing regular routines for eating and bowel movements can help prevent constipation. Ignoring the urge to pass stools should be avoided. yogasanas such as Pavan muktasan and yoga mudra provide abdominal compression, and Vajrasana, and Dradhasana after meals can help promote better digestion. Pranayama techniques such as abdominal breathing can also be effective in increasing peristalsis. Jivhamoolshodhana, Vaman Dhouti, and Agnisara kriya are also good to relieve the symptoms. Keep a hot water bag on your abdomen after dinner and keep your feet warm.

VICHAAR – that is thought processes. Develop awareness when having food. focus on one thing at a time. Develop a vairagya bhava or detachment attitude. Have faith in a higher Reality by surrendering to God. Carry out all your actions joyfully with a relaxed and peaceful State of Mind with gyaan bhav. Find out more about your condition and how to heal yourself with these Lifestyle Changes. Practicing Pratipaksha Bhavana will help develop positive thinking patterns that can reduce stress help promote digestive health, and remove constipation.causes of improper digestion

Remember constipation can be effectively treated with natural remedies which is focusing on healthy eating. Relaxation techniques, regular routines, and positive thinking. While applying these strategies to your daily routines you can prevent constipation and promote healthy bowel functioning. Regular and smooth elimination of waste is always a sign of excellent health. All this is in your hand only make the right choices and you will be able to manage improper digestion.

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