10 Best Jobs for Immigrants in USA

Best Jobs for Immigrants in USA | Best Jobs for Foreigners in the USABest Jobs for Immigrants in USA

These are the top 10 jobs with good pay in the USA for foreigners which we hope will assist you in your decision-making when searching for jobs in the united states as a foreigner before you set out for the United States of America looking for a better life you must equip yourself with the kind of job you can get quickly into the US and the steps to take in meeting their requirements or training in order not to start on a wrong note your commencement point is very vital because a misstep could be very costly and derail your entire future.
1. Software Engineer – This is our number one pick because there is a huge need for software engineers right now in the USA due to the rapid growth of information
technology this profession is in high demand according to some experts software engineer designs develop maintain and evaluate software applications or systems that make the software work.Best Jobs for Immigrants in USA | Best Jobs for Foreigners in the USA
2. Plumber-  Don’t be surprised plumbers are in great demand right now no matter how modern a building is constructed there will come a time for water system maintenance leakages and blockages here and there need the attention of professional plumbers to take it or leave it city. construction and maintenance require the services of plumbers they are in high demand over there right now a plumber is one of the 10 top jobs with good pay in the USA for foreigners currently.
3. Truck Driver – This is one profession that is making a wave in the USA right now, with modern technology and the coming of a driverless vehicle truck driving is now made simple most healthy adults with sound knowledge of driving can handle the truck it is no longer a job for the hard guys, therefore, get a driver’s license and google maps you’re on your way to good pay please note that truck driving is one of few professions where you require no bachelor’s degree. smart people use this as a take-off point no matter their level of education or background medical doctors from Asia often time take to truck driving while waiting for their professional license which will definitely take long years to approve.
4. Physician Assistant – Even though you are a qualified medical doctor from your country you cannot arrive in the US and begin to practice your profession. it takes a long process further training and patience before you join them, therefore, you can start as a physician assistant which requires a few years to acquire and start practices under the supervision of a licensed physician.
5. Pharmacy Technician – This is a medical professional working under a qualified pharmacist they are in great demand right now because of the increased health or drug needs of people and shortages of a pharmacist who must have a doctor of pharmacy as well as a license before practicing a pharmacy technician is the one who dispenses medications to patients in accordance with prescriptions from medical doctors.
Best Jobs for Immigrants in USA | Best Jobs for Foreigners in the USA
6. Security Personnel – This is a common job for the new arrivals nowadays that the u.s is facing unprecedented mad and insane shooters shooting people anyhow there is a big increase in demand for security personnel with a few weeks of training in weapon handling and training or surveillance training you can obtain a security job with good pay in the USA. security personnel is another profession that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree in most cases you need only about one
academic year certificate course.
7. Nurse Midwife –  With baby boomers everywhere the service of a Nurse midwife becomes indispensable this is a registered nurse with additional training as a midwife who delivers infants and provides prenatal and postpartum care newborn care and some routine care such as gynecological examination of women the service of a nurse midwife is in high demand presently with little additional training. in the US you cannot stay a day without a good job with good pay.
8. Mathematician – If you’re good in mathematics and with a bachelor’s degree and you’re receiving low pay and poor condition of service in one unappreciated school here please pack your bags and head straight to the US good work is waiting for you. your profession is one of the top 20 jobs with good pay in the USA for foreigners right now over there. you have the choice of being in the classrooms and government buildings or being a computer programmer.
9. Nurse Anesthetic – The work performed by nurse anesthetic is so important in medical surgery that no hospital or medical surgeon commences surgery without a nurse anesthetic. their work is vital and in great demand but qualified nurse anesthetics are very few hence the reason why the job is in high demand right now in the US for definition purposes define the profession as a type of advanced practice registered nurse. Nurse anesthetics work with patients regarding aesthetic treatment before during and after surgery as well as with therapy or other medical procedures.
10. Information Security Analyst-  Nowadays hacking and hackers are everywhere a cyber attack is increasing daily some people are out there to steal or destroy data
works of 20 years can be taken away in a second, if your cyber security is not on alert hence the need for information security analysts who must be on their toes 24*7 to analyze security measures and guide or protect an organization’s computer networks.

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