In Digital Marketing how much fresher can EARN?

Digital Marketing is a huge ocean in itself but if you want to make a lot of money, you need to understand the core of businesses and how you can help others make money.

Digital Marketers can earn anywhere between 20k to 100k a month easily.

The logic is simple, if you can help others to make more money, they will pay you more.

There are three key pillars of Scaling Any Business:
  1. Demand Analysis: Whether you want to generate a demand for a particular product/service or do you want to fulfull the demand for it.
  2. Goals and Funnels: Whether the goals for short term or long term.
  3. Channels: Which channel will help you reach there faster.

The entire game of digital marketing lies around picking the right channels, and goals and creating the funnels for businesses to succeed.

Facebook Ads Spends: $2.5 Million in last 6 months as a Meta Partner Agency

Google Ads Data: Created over 9 Billion Impressions for the clients

Here’s the journey of a digital marketer:

You can make money via

  • Personal Branding ( Influencer Deals )
  • Freelancing ( One Man/Woman Army Working on One Aspect of Digital Marketing )
  • Agency ( Like-Minded Individuals Working on End-to-End Digital Marketing )
  • Get Placed in a Company
  • Business Owners Scaling their own Business Using Digital Skills ( Lead Generation + Nurturing + Sales )
  • Coaching/Consulting/Digital Products
  • E-Commerce

Now, the formula to earning higher in this field is very simple:

Mindset + Hardcore Skills + High-Ticket Sales

→ 80% of making money in this field is that you need to position yourself for wealth ( Great personal brands, great presentations, good strategies )

→ Hardcore skills: Unless you don’t master skills and keep producing great results for clients, they will not want to work with you.


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