Digital Sansad App ability to transcribe House proceedings in real-time using artificial intelligence

Digital Sansad App

New Parliament of India
New Parliament of India

The new Parliament building, which was inaugurated on Sunday, is the perfect companion for the Digital Sansad app, which streamlines parliamentary proceedings and fosters seamless communication and collaboration among all stakeholders. This represents a significant step towards digital transformation. This paperless and accessible platform, which was created to serve the needs of Members of Parliament (MPs), users of the government, citizens, and secretariat staff, brings cutting-edge technology to deliver a superior experience and ensures effective coordination within the Parliament ecosystem.

Paperless Parliament in India

The budget was previously prepared on paper, but under the rule of the Modi government, many significant changes were witnessed, and within no time, the budget became paperless. This illustrates how quickly technology is changing. The new Parliament was inaugurated by PM Modi on May 28, 2023, and as part of the Modi administration’s Digital India campaign, this will be the first time the Parliament is entirely paperless.Digital Sansad App look

Based on each user’s unique persona, the updated Digital Sansad portal grants MPs, secretariat employees, ministries, and citizens a wide range of privileges. This ground-breaking website and mobile app act as a central hub for accessing parliamentary resources, promoting transparent governance, and boosting citizen engagement thanks to a variety of cutting-edge features.

The Digital Sansad app’s ability to use artificial intelligence (AI) to translate House proceedings into text in real time is one of its most notable features. Automatic speech recognition made possible by this ground-breaking technology allows for the precise recording and transcription of every word said in Parliament.

The nine-year tenure of the Modi government is soon coming to an end, and during that time, the federal government has placed a significant emphasis on apps. The government introduced apps like Union Budget for paperless budgeting, UMANG for government services, and BHIM UPI for money transactions for the convenience of the general public.

The MP Tour feature of the app makes it easier for MPs to interact with the people who make up their constituency. MPs can bridge the gap between their legislative responsibilities and the needs and aspirations of the constituents they represent by seamlessly navigating between the citizen website and the MP portal. Through increased transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in the political process, this direct interaction empowers citizens and strengthens democracy.

Advanced Digital Sansad

  1. By using biometric technology, MPs will be able to quickly and easily cast their votes by simply scanning their fingerprints.
  2. Programmable Microphone – This allows the MP to adjust the microphone’s volume and pointing. Every seat in the room will be able to clearly hear what is being said.
  3. Digital Language Interpretation (DLI) – If the speech is being delivered in any language, the MPs will be able to hear it in their own language thanks to this technology.
  4. Virtual Sound – In order for MPs to easily follow the debate, this technology will be used to create an immersive sound environment in the chamber.
  5. Digital Voting & Attendance – To make tasks like voting and attendance simple, a digital system has been installed for the Parliamentary process. MPs will be able to vote or mark their attendance using electronic devices or touchscreens. The adoption of this technology will make manual counting unnecessary and assist in lowering the possibility of errors.
  6. Video Conferencing and Remote Participation РThe new Parliament building has a cutting-edge video conferencing feature. As a result of the development of this technology, MPs will be able to take part in sessions and committee meetings even from a distance.
  7. Advanced Security Systems – The government has also implemented cutting-edge security systems for the protection of Parliament, including a biometric authentication system for access control and facial recognition technology for personal identification.

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