Blogging with ChatGPT

Blogging Made Easy with ChatGPT

Hey guys, welcome you to the Trending topic ChatGPT.
Nowadays It is popular in making content lot of people are using this to bring out new ideas, create scripts for youtube videos, write Resume, Explain complete topics in simple terms, solve maths tricking question step by step, Write poems, Propose, Write music, Get relationship advice, Write, Debug an explain Codes, Prepare for Job Interview, Chat companion, Write articles and essays and many more things.
ChatGPT has created a blast in the market. Recently Google launched BARD AI giving competition to ChatGPT but still working on it to work in a better way. Many people are doing many things with it, some are saying that many jobs are in danger because of how it can do many things very easily in a few seconds.
But some people are doing mistakes by copying the articles generated directly from ChatGPT and pasting the same into their blogs without making any changes because there are many tools that can detect AI-generated content which would affect their Ranking in Google. Also content generated by AI in also not 100% accurate.Blogging with ChatGPT
So, when it comes to blogging, definitely ChatGPT can help with this. You can use this just to get the outline for your article, to know how to write about a particular topic, can to find keywords related to your topic for SEO.
But don’t just copy the whole article and paste it. You can generate an article on the topic you want and give it some manual touch, you can add something to it and also verify the information generated is fully true. You can use paraphrasing tools like Quillbot to arrange some words differently but keep in mind that it does not change its real meaning and get plagiarism free.Blogging with ChatGPT
Content generated by AI contains typical language which can be easily identified that AI-generated so you can use simple words by changing them with typical words. You can use Speech to Text Tools to read the content to want according to your need and give a different shape to the Article.


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