Cricket in Olympics

Will we see Cricket in Olympics?

Cricket has not been included in the Olympic Games program since the early 20th century. The only time cricket was played in the Olympics was at the 1900 Paris Games, and only a single match was played. The match was considered an exhibition match and is not recognized as an official Olympic event.

cricket in olympics

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The International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing body of cricket, has expressed interest in including cricket in the Olympics in the future. However, the ICC’s proposal to include Twenty20 cricket in the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games was not accepted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Cricket is not currently included in the list of sports for the upcoming Olympics and it’s not clear if it will be included in the future. The IOC has a set of criteria that the sports must meet to be included in the Olympics, such as global popularity and universality. Cricket, despite being popular in some countries like India, England, and Australia, is not a universal sport and is not as popular as other sports in many other in olympics los angeles 2028


Cricket in Olympics: Cricket can be included in Olympics 2028, ICC recommends, final decision will be taken in October

Cricket can be included in the 2028 Olympics to be held in Los Angeles, USA. ICC has sent a plan to the Olympic Committee in this regard. The IOC will make its final decision in October this year.


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