1. BRUTALLY HONEST AND EDUCATIVE WITH A PINCH OF FAULT!! From National Award winner Writer Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri (Famous for The Tashkent Files of 2019) comes a movie for the ages to experience the pain and suffering of the Kashmiri Pandits during and since the 1990’s with some brutally honest take on the subject and setting a new narrative (Necessary) along the way. The depiction of the lifeless Kashmir has been shown brilliantly in the drone shots of the movie which only adds to the dreadful experience shared by many who faced which could have been avoided with a better administration at the time. But alas! we have been just telling stories to each other ever since and along the way forgot the real truth which got buried in the Valley with those who suffered these ghastly circumstances. The echoes of the past still screeches my inner core and I was literally awestruck by what I saw in the concluding moments of the film which really sent down chills to my spine. The movie is almost 3 hours long but just when it starts you just go completely silent and get emotionally attached to it right to the end and you just wish you could unsee what you saw but unfortunately you can’t and therein lies the problem for some. The all star cast is phenomenal in their respective roles with some outstanding performances by Darshan Kumar and Anupam Kher who are just magnificent and believable in every scene they are in and last not the least Pallavi Joshi who is devilish as hell including Chinmay Mandlekar as Bitta Karate who is equally terrifying. The movie in general is decently shot with some minor hiccups along the way in the VFX department which are not upto the standard we have been accustomed to and the editing might be an issue for some. Although the controversy surrounding it could have been avoided by many who are simply using this movie to propel their propoganda further and fuel their ambitions including those who simply don’t want it to be seen and calling it a propoganda of the Right. The movie never sets out to be something which could create havoc among communities but unfortunately some people are just ignorant of the fact that movie simply shows what a community had to endure and the consequences they had to suffer due to the failure of the system and such is the LUST FOR POWER. Never in the history of our Indian Politics of Kashmir any party had a spine to help the Kashmiri Pandits openly let alone provide JUSTICE to them.


2. The Kashmir Files ‘We watched, we absorbed, we empathise’. A hard-hitting brilliant movie. You may leave the theatre after watching it, but the harsh reality, the hard hitting truth shown in the movie will never cease to leave you. I must have been 7 or 8 when Kashmir terrorism was at its peak during the 90’s. I couldnt figure out back then why it all happened but today after watching ‘The Kashmir Files’, I got to know the reason behind so much anguish in the eyes of kashmiri pandits. The atrocities inflicted on them were never known or shall I say nobody listened to them, understood them or empathised with them. The movie walks us through the pain, fear and torture the innocent Kashmiri pandits went through in the 1990’s. The movie depicts the true events as to how and why they had to leave overnight without taking their belongings only for the sake of protecting their honour and precious lives. Anupam Kher excels in his role as a fearful not fearless yet hopeful kashmiri who dies seeking Article 370 being removed to provide much deserved justice to the Kashmiri pandits. Actor Darshan Kumar shines as ‘Krishna’ who is shown as a confused and brainwashed youth of today who doesnt seek the truth but follows what is spoonfed to them. His last 15 min monologue brings out the best in him as an actor. Mithun Chakraborty’s character as an IAS officer Brahmadutt makes us think that how everyone right from doctors to high authorities and media became hapless and helpless victims and witness to the 1990’s genocide. The movie is praiseworthy from every angle, be it the performance by its actors, the story and the direction. The director of the movie Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri deserves a standing ovation for not mincing his words, presenting the facts as and how they were and not dramatizing the actual events.


3. The moment I came to know that Vivekji is making a film on “The Kashmir Files”, I was eagerly waiting for it, because I had already watched his masterpieces “Buddha in the traffic Jam” and “The Tashkent Files” and after watching it, because at time I didn’t knew much about how these Naxalites are funded and how these so called NGOs were funding terrorism within our country, I started reading about these things…and I am sure anyone alike me, also did the same… We actually started finding out the bitter and horrible reality about these so-called NGOs and other similar terror funding organisations. With the killing of the most beautiful, most handsome and most talented actor “Sushant Singh Rajput” we came to know about the actual dark side and brutal reality of so called and over rated Bollywood. And now, after watching “The Kashmir Files”, we came to know the more heart wrenching reality of our Kasmiri Pandits and their families. I and my cousin closed our eyes at the last scene, which shattered almost all true Bharatwasi. We couldn’t watch it, and it actually happened in our country, with our own Hindu brothers and sisters and kids. But this was the story of only one kasmiri Pandit and his family…Vivekji and Pallavi ji have 700 testimonials of 700 different families. What will happen when we actually come to know about their stories also. But this has to be known by us all, because we were all kept in darkness and we all studied and even glorified the wrong history, which was taught to us, which is still continuing. As true Bharatwasi, it’s our duty to find out the facts, and fight for those facts. It’s high time that we throw away the books that glorifies those brutal killers and murderers who murdered our ancestors, tortured them to death because they didn’t convert themselves to the religion of terror. Vivek ji has done his duty, now it’s our turn to do our duties as true Bharatwasi. Kudos to Vivekji, Pallavi ji, Anupam Kher ji and their entire team, on-screen as well as off-screen. #BharatMatakiJay #Modijiforever #Yogijiforever


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