Russian YouTuber Kristina, ‘Koko in India’ MMS leaked

Koko is India MMS viral videos as KristinaXXX


A beautiful Russian YouTuber who speaks Hindi more fluently than many Indians makes Travel vlogs suddenly being searched on the Internet. Kristina, mostly known as ‘KOKO IN INDIA’, was born on 24 December 1999. She is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. She is famous for engaging content in the Hindi language on Instagram and YouTube.

Through her videos, Koko not only shares her experiences but also offers unique insights and perspectives, offering a glimpse into the dynamic and multi-faceted life in India.
Its content serves as a bridge between audiences worldwide and the cultural tapestry of this vibrant country.

Koko Harassed by man in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

KOKO was exploring the Delhi market in Sarojini Nagar before a man approached him and asked whether they could become friends. KOKO tried to avoid him by saying she already had a lot of friends. But the man continues to follow him and says “Aap vaise bahut sexy ho, kya aap dost banna pasand karoge?”( You are sexy, would you like to be my friend?). The man did all this while KOKO was recording in the market. She didn’t show interest in him and ended the conversation by saying ” Okay, bye-bye”.

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KOKO’s Social Media Fame

Kristina( KOKO) revealed in one of her videos that she had an Indian Boyfriend but now she is SINGLE. She has more than 2 lakh subscribers on YouTube and more than 60k followers on Instagram. She lives in India and discovers such a diverse country’s food, places, and culture. Her major sources of earnings are YouTube adsense and brand promotions or collaborations from other Social Media.

KOKO gained so much love from India because of her Hindi content. But suddenly she deactivated all her Social Media accounts which turned curiosity among her fans. @koko_kvv is her Instagram handle which shows PAGE NOT FOUND.


Is Kristina an Adult Actress?

Koko in India real name Kristina

After KOKO’s viral video from the Sarojini market, she was missing from social media. It’s said that she complained to the Police and filed a complaint against him. During the conversation with that guy, ‘KOKO in India’ was polite and quite well handled the situation. But now again she is getting viral for her Adult content. You would not see her Instagram account now because she has deactivated it but comments on the videos in which she is indicates that she is an Adult actress.

KOKO IN INDIA = Kristinaxxx

Many people are commenting that they have seen her only fans’ videos or adult videos. They are also claiming that she is also speaking in Hindi in adult videos same as she used to do in Normal Instagram and YouTube videos. You would see people suggesting to find her adult videos with the name “Kristinaxxx”. Some People who are claiming also shared links to her videos. When it was checked we found she is KOKO IN INDIA only.

If you search for Kristina, you will get her adult videos. Nowadays many people make fake videos of actresses to harass and embarrass them. But her videos don’t seem to be fake. Links to her videos are being shared everywhere and people are speculating that she has suddenly gone offline and gone to Russia to make adult content. All these are just speculations But the majority of her followers now know that she is also an adult actress.

Before deactivating her Social Media accounts she assured followers that she would come back soon. It’s now an awkward feeling for both the creator and viewers. Will Koko in India will ever make come back? Or will we see her making videos in Porn Industry? Do share this blog with your friends.

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