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Kantara begins with storytelling to set the grand background for the events unfolding wherein the restless royal in search of solace gives out his lands in exchange of a stone worshipped as a local god. All seems mesmerizing with the keenly captured scenic beauty of the jungles by the astounding cinematographic skills of Arvind Kashyap and the rousing goose-bumping music of Ajneesh Loknath.

Both are at their best throughout the movie to heighten and brighten the theme of the jungle. The cold-blooded greedy dynasty (Achyut Kumar) of the royal family tries to reclaim the lands cunningly making the protagonist Shiva (Rishab Shetty, the writer, director and actor of the movie) an easy puppet.bluehost hosting

Being an innocent childhood victim as losing his father abruptly during a customary Bhoot Kola performance, grown-up Shiva keeps himself away from all the ritualistic responsibilities of the family and remains a careless, joy-loving vagabond.

Encountered multiple times by deputy forest officer, Murali (Kishore Kumar) who has stood with equal might against Shiva gives a way to a sub-plot where we see a staunch and obvious opposition between the system (Govt and administration) and forest locals — buffer zone conflict where Leela (Saptami Gouda, the debutant actress) plays her part well, justifying even with her little scope in the movie. From the Slow-mo entry of Shiva in a buffalo race to the stunning Bhoot Kola at the climax scene, the performance of Rishab is really path-breaking and a milestone-setting act.

Kantara Movie Download Link


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