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IIM Ahmedabad has launched Free Online Courses – Coursera

Stay connected to this link as many courses like this will be launched in the near future.
IIM Ahmedabad has been offering online courses for the past 15 years. This portal is called Online@IIMA.   On this one portal all the courses whether they are online, whether they are hybrid, whether they are for beginners, or they are for professionals all those courses are available on this one website. Most of these online courses can be completed in 4-6 weeks easily which means it won’t take you more than 1-1½ months.
These courses are available in various areas some courses in finance, some courses in HR, IT, operations, data science, or even leadership. you will get to learn about a variety of fields through these courses. These courses will be launched on Swayam and Coursera portals which means that to access these courses you don’t need to make a separate account if you already have an account on these two portals.

IIMA Online Portal

Now go to the Online@IIMA portal to understand how you can access these courses. After going to its home page and click on the menu there you will see an option called learning calendar. after clicking on this you will see the list of all the available courses. One of the ways how you can check is by scrolling to see which course you are interested in and the other way is you can use filters to see whether the course is of a beginner nature or of an advanced nature, or of which industry it is and there are many filters that you can use.

IIM Ahmedabad Courses starting from April

The 2 courses will start in April so you can enroll for them. The first one is called leadership skills this course is under the organizational behavior area it’s a beginner-level course and self-paced i.e. any person without any prior knowledge of leadership can take this up and easily complete it at their pace.
The second course is Pre MBA Statistics this course comes under the quantitative methods & production area this is also a self-paced course that is of a beginner level. This will make you familiar with stats.
If you only have the option to do one out of two recommended would be Pre MBA Statistics because when we get admitted for an MBA we are always asked how is our math or statistics if we are not comfortable with them as many non-engineers are not then we are recommended to do this course.

Enrollment Procedure

The procedure for enrollment by taking the example of the Pre MBA Statistics course:
  • So when you will click on this course you will be redirected to the Coursera website where this course is launched.
  • You will get the option to enroll for free.
  • If you are new to Coursera then you need to sign up.
  • You will see this thing where 2 options are there.
  • The first is paid version where if you will pay you will get a certificate.
  • Otherwise, you can access the whole course free of cost.
The only difference is you will not get the certificate. These courses are actually helpful in understanding how to acquire these skills and use them in your day-to-day life you don’t really need a certificate by pursuing these courses all you need is when you will do this course then the knowledge which you will seek through it you have to see how well you present that in interviews, how will you apply that in day-to-day life this will also help you in your MBA journey.
If you are an MBA aspirant otherwise, it will help you in your job as well so that’s why this is an absolutely free course because you don’t need a certificate you can take this course entirely free of cost by clicking on the second option. Now here comes another question which is:

“I have done a course how can I mention it in my CV when I don’t have a certificate?”

Well the caveat here is if you are an MBA aspirant i.e. you haven’t joined B school before that if are applying for a job or for anything else, you don’t need a certificate to write that point in your CV anyway you can write that you have pursued this course from Coursera, the only difference will be that you won’t have a proof for it but you can talk about it during the interviews.
Just keep in mind that the CV proofs for which you need a certificate generally, you need that after the B schools for placements not before that so a recommendation will be your focus should be on doing the course and learning from it rather than the certificate that way you will make the most of this.
Once you will click on the second option where you will enroll for free, there the whole course will be visible to you, what is recommended is the Online@IIMA portal.
Check the list of the rest of the upcoming courses because many courses will be available in the month of July so the students who are in college can take up these courses during the summer
vacation many of them are in the field of finance also so you will definitely get to learn a lot.
In the same way, all the upcoming new courses can be seen under the same learning calendar option in one place. Hope you liked this article, if so then do share with your friends.

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