6 Best MBA Colleges with Low Fee & High package

MBA Colleges with Low Fee & High Packages

Which MBA colleges offer the best return on investment?



You can calculate ROI on various parameters like the brand value of the college or its ranking but here we are considering their fees. So, which colleges have low fees but good placements?
You can easily find this list online there are many YT videos also where you can find their fees and placement record but how will you verify MBA colleges? Because a majority of placement reports aren’t audited. So, I reached out to a couple of people on LinkedIn, who have just graduated from these colleges or are current students and they shared the reality of what are the actual packages, which companies come to hire, what is the fee and what is the ROI?
We’ll pick 6 MBA colleges out of this list this is not a ranking order, but I’m picking the colleges with verified information
Before I proceed with these colleges, let me make it clear that I am not explaining their admission criteria I want to discuss their fee and placement – the points that are not accessible publicly.

The first MBA college is FMS Delhi.

The fee of FMS Delhi shared publicly is 2L. The average CTC quoted last year was 32.4L Now, when I talked to the FMS Delhi students, what they shared is that this fee of 2L is not the right representation. Because there are some additional charges and not everyone gets the hostel.
If you note the expense of staying in Delhi, this fee will be around 3-5L.
The average CTC of 32.4L can be challenged as well. The reason is if you look at the audited placement reports e.g. that of IIM Ahmedabad,
there, it is clearly mentioned what part of the CTC is fixed & how much of the component is a joining bonus or a one-time bonus but nothing of this sort is mentioned here.
So, out of this 32.4, a large chunk could be a one-time/joining bonus and may be 25% of the ESOPs are vested per year if they are to be vested fully in 4 years. Rather than counting 25% in the CTC, the entire amount has been added to the CTC. Other than that, the joining/PPO bonus which is a one-time has also been added to the CTC.
So, if you want to get a realistic figure, this number even though it wasn’t quoted by anyone, that’ll ideally be around 26-27L because a majority of the recruiters are the same as IIM-A/B and when hiring takes place in any of these colleges, the same pay for the same role is offered across these MBA colleges.

This college is renowned in the field of marketing and Product Management as compared to consulting or finance.

The second MBA college is JBIMS

The quoted fee is 6L and the quoted average CTC is 27L. After research I found that this number is absolutely true, the fee and package is the same but what was shared is that the firms that recruit here come mostly for finance and marketing the primary image of this college is around finance but the director of this college wants to change its image to a college for consulting which means those targeting consulting
this could be a good college to target in the future for now, it is known mainly for finance.

Those of you targeting consulting should be mindful that here MBB doesn’t hire from here which means McKinsey, Bain & BCG don’t hire from here. Big4s, FTI, and Accenture hire from here. Another point regarding placements – JBIMS isn’t preferred for HR/Systems.

The third MBA college is SJMSOM

Its quoted fee is 9L, Its quoted package is 26L. The students shared, everyone says the fee is 9L but the fee changed recently. The recent batch may have to pay 15-17L. This was mentioned by a student but hasn’t been confirmed by multiple people, but it is true that its fee is not 9L for sure.
Its average CTC of 26L is reported to be true. The majority of firms come for consulting/SCM/operations. About 40-50% of students get a PPO during summers and that’s generally offered by legacy marketing & consulting firms. Renowned companies mostly offer PPOs. Even though consulting and operations hiring is common here it was recommended that those targeting the field of operations
can put this college under their radar

because now NITIE will become an IIM, so for operations, this college will become more renowned.

The fourth MBA college is TISS HRM

Its average package is around 24L and the fee is around 2L. It was mentioned that there’s a caveat in this 2L fee. This 2L or the actual number which is 2.4L includes the hostel fee but only a few students get the hostel and even among them, those with a family income lesser than 8L are preferred for the hostel seats.

The majority of the students stay in PGs/flats outside the living expenses come close to 20-30k per month because of which its actual fee becomes 7L rather than the 2.4L which is true for hostellers. The ones that I talked to shared their packages mean, the highest, the number of offers, and the number of recruiters that you can check out on the screen as well. but this is one of the best colleges if you want to get into the field of HR.

The fivth MBA college is VGSoM

The fee is around 11.5L and the package is around 18L the fee was told to be this much only. A student shared that 1L of the fee is reimbursable unless you’re considered for the study program in Singapore. Otherwise, it gets repaid. The average CTC was told to be 19-20L.

He said you can trust the report because this is one of the very few colleges in the league of those colleges where the lowest package is revealed. Its lowest package last year was 11L.

The sixth MBA college is DFS, Delhi University

The quoted fee is 26k which is actually true. And the average CTC is told to be 14.5L but some students shared discrepancies here Many recruiters shared in the brochure over the years now don’t hire or come to hire but don’t select anyone or select only a few students
The best recruiter during summer offers a 1-1.5L stipend on average.
The final placement of that company was 15L. Now the discrepancy is that publicly, the avg quoted is 15L but the highest is also 15L which doesn’t make sense that individual shared 8-9L is the average CTC out of which 50k is the pm salary in hand.
So there are some slight variations in case of this college more needs to be verified – if anyone among you is from this college, do share the feedback.

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