6 Affordable MBA Universities in the USA 

Affordable Online/Offline MBA Universities in the USA

Getting admission to MBA Universities in the USA is a dream for many students. often times students, find it difficult to fulfill this dream primarily because of money because it’s expensive to get a degree from us. And, secondly, the top universities in the USA & The top management schools have very high rejection rates. Under such conditions wouldn’t it be awesome if you know some of the schools that are affordable?

At the same time, they have an overall high ranking and the cherry on the top would be if they have high acceptance rate. When it comes to affordability, you should be looking at Public Schools. In the US we have primarily two different kinds of schools, private schools, the schools that mostly rely on private endowments or the tuition fee they collect from the students hence more expensive.

The second type of school is a public school, Such schools receive some sort of financial Grant or aid from either The federal government or the state government, hence, these schools are more affordable. Harvard is a private school. One year’s tuition fees for a regular MBA program at Harvard could easily cost you 75 thousand US Dollars. The University of Texas at Austin has the same MBA program one year’s tuition fees would only cost you fifty thousand US Dollars because it is Public School.

6. Binghampton University

It is located in Binghampton New York. The university is running multiple MBA programs including one year MBA and a two-year MBA under the School of Management. Offering courses specialized in marketing business analytics, entrepreneurship, and finance and more students at Binghampton involved in multiple projects within the local area, many students get placed in the Fortune 500 companies through the campus job Fairs.

The one-year tuition fee for international students is only twenty-four thousand US Dollars. The overall rank of this school is 84 as per the US News business school ranking and the acceptance rate is 75.

5. University of Kentucky, Gatton School of Business

It is located in Lexington, Canterbury. the college is offering multiple MBA programs, including online MBA, Professional MBA, one-year, MBA, and More. College, also, accepts GRE or GMAT scores. Both US News has ranked this at number 83 in the country. The total tuition fee for the MBA program is only forty thousand US Dollars for the whole MBA program. And the acceptance rate is 77% in the MBA program. All these numbers make it a very, very attractive college.

4. University of Oklahoma, Price College of Business

It is situated in Norman, Oklahoma. the college is offering multiple MBA programs of different duration. It is also offering hybrid Programs like the Master of science in the Management of Information Technology, Executive MBA in Aerospace and Defense, and many more. Many of the hybrid MBAs come in the list of top 10 hybrid programs in the country.

The regular MBA program has an overall rank of 81 in the country. As per the US News ranking the international tuition fee, for the whole program of just 55 thousand dollars only. this is one of the most affordable Colleges in the US the acceptance rate is 93% for the MBA program.

3. University at Buffalo

It is situated in Buffalo, Upstate New York. It’s a part of SUNY. The State University of New York, the university is offering MBA programs in multiple disciplines like analytics, Finance, Healthcare Management, International management marketing, and more, the school also offers collaborative MBAs for dentists, lawyers, Architects, and medical doctors too gather with their respective degrees.

These are the specialized courses designed for these professionals, school has also been highlighted in the Forbes list of top 25 public MBA programs in the country with the average median salary of fresh graduates being 68 thousand dollars. And the highest salary at 140 thousand US Dollars.

This is definitely a school with guns. the average GMAT score is 620 with the lowest being 544. The last batch of admitted students in the MBA program one-year tuition fees for the MBA program is only twenty-four thousand US Dollars and the rank of the school is 77 as Were the US News ranking and the acceptance rate is remarkable, at 82%. All these figures, make this school, my favorite affordable School.

2. Clemson University

It is situated in Greenville, South Carolina, Clemson’s business school is offering MBA Corporate, MBA online, MBA in entrepreneurship and Innovation, MBA in business analytics, Dual MBA mid program. As part of some of the MBA programs, Clemson students also get international exposure in terms of internships, collaborative projects, and summer programs. One year, the tuition fee, for international students is only 32,000 US Dollars. The overall rank of the school is 74 as per times ranking. The best part is it has an astounding acceptance rate of 96% which makes me say, wow.

1. University of Kansas

It is situated in Lawrence Kansas. It’s offering full-time as well as online MBA and the overall rank of the school is 72 as per US News, ranking, The full-time MBA tuition fee is only twelve hundred US dollars per credit. The total length of the program is 16 months and the total credits for the regular MBA, is only forty-eight credits deadline for the fall intake, is May 1 for international applications.

For admission, the average GMAT score is 600. The average GPA is 3.3, and the average experience is two years from the last admitted batch. As per English proficiency goes the school, and accepts TOEFL, IBT, IELTS, and PT scores. And the best part is, if the TOEFL score is low School, it even, offers conditional admission which means you can come here join the program and rewrite, the TOEFL exam and improve your score or join the English classes, and obtain a minimum grade on those English classes.

There this flexibility is very favorable among International students. And that’s why the school has also a very high acceptance rate. The overall acceptance rate of this program is 96 percent. That’s amazing.

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