How to stop Negative Thoughts?

We all want to stay Positive but what happens at the end of the day we all continuously think about negative things which have happened to us. yes or no?

So How to Stop Negative Thoughts?

Even if it’s a happy situation like a new job or promotion or even marriage our mind might keep thinking about all those things, what can go wrong? You see, that’s the problem. We all want to be positive but we have made a habit out of our negativity. If you want to change this and become more positive in your day-to-day life then use these three tips.

First, remember that you will never lose what is really yours. see, a lot of negativity comes from fear. Fear of losing the things we want the most. Fear of not getting what we really want in life. You were not given this life to be scared and dim. So don’t be scared of losing because in life you will never lose anything that is truly yours. Think of something from your own life, a job, a relationship, an opportunity anything that you lost? didn’t you always get something better?

But your ego might not let you accept that losing what you thought was yours lead you to what was actually yours. let go of this fear of losing. once you can do that you will automatically have positive thoughts in your mind because now your mind is out of fear and now it is in a place of hope and excitement.

how to stop negative thoughts?

Second, remember it’s never that bad if you have a tendency to go to the worst-case scenarios and situations, It’s time to tell your mind to stop. for example, you text your partner and if they don’t reply or reply five minutes late, don’t assume that they are ignoring you or that your relationship is breaking. Things are never as bad as your mind creates them, these are just thoughts. They are not reality you don’t have to think of the worst possible outcome of the situation because one negative thought will lead you to another negative thought and soon you will have hundreds of such negative thoughts running into your head.

None of which may even be real, so when you have the first negative thought coming into your mind, just take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s a thought, it’s not really and if you can think of three good things about your life then and there, this will help you to overpower your bad to stop negative thoughts

Third, remember that it is just a moment. In life, bad or difficult, or challenging situations are bound to happen. life will never be full of rainbows. there would be some dark clouds and storms that you didn’t expect. it might look like your life is going to stagnate here but when it gets dark and difficult, that is when you need to tell yourself that this is just a moment. Tell yourself that this movement is tough but this movement is not permanent. repeat this at least 21 times or as many times as you can. once you are calm, you say to yourself I calmly accept this moment because it is temporary.

Repeat this as much as you need and then finally, tell yourself that all that is mine is coming toward me that will put you in a place of hope and optimism about yourself and your life, your worrying thoughts, your negative, prophecies for your future, will seem lighter and with time you may be able to laugh at yourself for being serious.

You are not going to get any price for your seriousness and negativity but if you Embrace positivity and optimism you might just like your life much more and that is as good as a prize. so live, love, laugh you get Only one life to Live.

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