How to select Cricket Bat | Find Best Cricket bat for yourself,

How to select Cricket Bat | Find the Best Cricket bat for yourselfindia vs pakistan asia cup 2022

Choosing the right Cricket bat is not an easy task. a lot of things which are needed to be kept in mind before selecting a perfect bat for yourself. although choosing the best bat won’t make you the best player but it would help to practice in the best way to achieve your targets.SG bat player editonHow to select cricket bat

Cricket is a technical game that comes to one naturally. like Sachin Tendulkar was a natural cricketer, he made batting look so easy because he was so natural and technically correct in the basics required to play cricket. So, now come to cricket bats, which cricket bat was Sachin using during his lifelong career, you would say MRF, yes you are right, but that was MRF brand sticker only. MRF is not the cricket bat maker. MRF had a contract with Sachin to put their sticker on his bat for they would have paid him a huge amount by this bay MRF marketing was done.

To select a Cricket Bat you must consider the following things;

  1. A ball which you are going to play with
  2. What’s your age
  3. what’s your height
  4. Kashmir willow or English willow
  5. At which level you are playing
  6. Type of handle you want
  7. The weight of the bat
  8. Grains you want
  9. What type of batsman you are
  10. Brand

1. If you are playing cricket just for fun you can go with a tennis ball and bat which suits tennis ball are thin, lightweight and are mostly cheap.

2. If your age ranges between 6-10If your age ranges between 10-12If your age ranges between 12 – 16 you can go up to size 4 like
further above this age it mainly depends on the height of the player.


Height of cricket player

Recommended cricket bat size

4ft and under 0
4ft – 4ft 3″ 1
4ft 3 – 4ft 6″ 2
4ft 6″ – 4ft 9″ 3
4ft 9″ – 5ft 4
5ft – 5ft 3″ 5
5ft 3″ – 5ft 5″ 6
5ft 5″ – 5ft 7″ Harrow cricket bat
5ft 9″ – 6ft Short Handle cricket bat
6ft + Long Handle/Long Blade cricket bat

4. If you are a beginner, you have just started learning and playing, Kashmir willow is recommended also they are on the cheaper side

If you think your basics are covered enough and you are getting regular matches then go for English willow bat which starts from 1000 and goes to lakhs.

5. If you are just a beginner and just need for practice go with Kashmir willow and if you are getting regular matches and playing at a certain level then go for English willow.

6. It fully depends on person to person to either opt for a round handle or oval handle. or short handle or long handle. usually, people who are long, go with a long handle. But it fully depends on the person who is buying which type of handle suits him. when you are buying a bat always take gloves with you to get a better idea of holding.

7. There is a wide range of bats with different weights, it depends on the player up to which level of weight he is comfortable to play vertical shorts as well as horizontal shorts with good bat speed. Players with the heavy bat (around 1200 gm) with good bat speed usually tend to hit sixes longer.

8. If you want the bat to be long going then go with wider grains 5-6 grains because it takes time to get open and are soft which takes time to reach a good performance level and if you want your bat ready to use fastly then go for 8+ grains bat.

9. If you are a hard-hitting batsman then go for 8+ grains bat, and if you are a marathon player then go for 5 to 8 grains bat. usually try to buy 8 to 12 grains bat.

10. Differentiate between manufacturing brands and just promoting brands like SG, SS, KOOKABURRA, BAS, BDM, GM, and GRAY NICOLLS, etc are the bat manufacturers so you can rely on them. MRF, ADIDAS, CEAT, etc are not manufacturers of bats so try to avoid them.





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