Happy Diwali Wishes 2023 | Deepawali Quotes

“Diwali” also known as Deepawali is a “Festival of Lights”. It has cultural, religious, and traditional importance in India. Deepawali symbolizes the “victory of light over darkness”. Diwali is celebrated during the Hindu lunisolar months of Ashvin and Kartika—between around mid-September and mid-November. This festival of lights teaches us the victory of GOOD over EVIL, KNOWLEDGE over IGNORANCE, HOPE over DESPAIR. This festival lasts for 5 days starting from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj. People celebrate it by sending Happy Diwali wishes to everyone, lighting deeps, sharing sweets, buying new clothes and utensils, cleaning the house, offering pooja, and eliminating hate for others.

When, Why, and How Diwali is celebrated?

Diwali is celebrated on the darkest night of the Hindu month of Kartika, usually in October or November. Diwali is the day when Lord Rama defeated demon king Ravana and Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman arrived in Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. It is celebrated differently in different parts of the country and also all over the world but some common practices are Lighting Diyas and Candles, Decoration, Fireworks, Exchanging Gifts, Doing Prayers and Pujas, Feasting, Buying new Clothes, Enjoying Cultural Performances, Charity, Cleaning to let go negativity, start positive, and forgive others.

What is Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is the first day of Diwali, a five-day celebration. It is a day to welcome the goddess of riches and success, Lakshmi, into our homes. To invite Lakshmi’s blessings, people clean their houses and businesses, adorn them with lights and flowers, and buy new utensils, jewelry, and other goods on this day.

What is Choti Diwali?

Choti Diwali, also known as Narak Chaturdashi, occurs the day before the Diwali celebration. It is observed on the 14th day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu month of Kartika, also known as “Laxmi Puja” or “Diwali day.” Choti Diwali is an important aspect of  Diwali celebrations, with its own set of rituals and traditions.

DIWALI 2023 – Subh Muhrat

10-Nov-23 Dhanteras Dhanteras Puja Muhurat 6:20 PM – 8:20 PM
11-Nov-23 Choti Diwali Hanuman Puja Muhurat 11:57 PM – 12:48 PM
11-Nov-23 Choti Diwali Kali Chaudas Muhurat 11:57 PM – 12:48 PM
12-Nov-23 Diwali Lakshmi Puja Muhurta 5:40 PM – 7:36 PM
13-Nov-23 Govardhan Puja Govardhan Puja Pratahkala Muhurat 6:45 AM – 9 AM
14-Nov-23 Bhaiya Dooj Bhai Dooj Aparahna Muhurat 1:30 PM – 3:45 PM

हनुमान चालीसा हिंदी अर्थ | Hanuman Chalisa Hindi meaning 2023

Happy Diwali Wishes and Quotes

Let’s celebrate the festival in the true sense by spreading joy and lighting up the world of others. Have a Happy, safe, and blessed Diwali.

Happy Diwali wishes and quotes

May the Festival of Lights, fill your life with the Glow of Happiness and the Sparkle of Joy.

Happy Diwali wishes and quotes

Diwali is an occasion to let the light of diyas and candles illuminate not just your home, but your life too.

Happy Diwali wishes and quotes

May the light of the diyas guide you towards the way of happiness and success.

Happy Diwali wishes and quotes

With the divine lights of Diwali bring peace, prosperity, health, and love to your life.

Happy Diwali images

All the lights of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner light of the self. Merge yourself in this light and enjoy the festival of lights. Happy Diwali!

happy deepawali quotes

Diwali Is A Wonderful Time When Friends And Family Join Hands And Celebrate Happy Times, Enjoy The Food, Share Laughs, and create Fresh And Happy Memories Together It Is The Time… To Celebrate Togetherness Happy Diwali to all…!!

Wishing you and your family, Health, Success, Peace, And a journey towards the never-ending light. May this Diwali light up new dreams, and fresh hopes, And fill your days with pleasant surprises and moments. Happy Diwali

May this festival of lights bring the radiance of positivity in our thoughts, sweetness in our words & joy in our actions by igniting the light of knowledge. Let us celebrate this Diwali by transforming our old habits and attitudes into new awareness & hope, spreading the sparkle of goodwill and enthusiasm to all. Wishing you a Happy Diwali and a Blissful New Year.

“Hope the festival of lights brings your way bright sparkles of peace, contentment, joy, and happiness which stay with you throughout this year and also in the years to come. Happy Deepawali to you and your family!”

May your every thought be a benevolent gift for all, may your words carry the sweetness of sweets, may your actions be a blessing and you become a diya for the world. “Happy Diwali”

May the festival of lights fill your life with joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here’s hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment.

May the Diya vaporize the shadows As it burns all through the night May it light your way with Love and Joy And make your New Year bright May your Life be filled with all the things That your Heart holds very dear As the Festival of Lights arrives And Hope again draws near.

With Gleam of Diyas And the Echo of the Chants, May Happiness, and Contentment Fill Your Life! Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali !!!

May the festival of lights encircle your life with joy and happiness. Success comes at your doorsteps. With these blessings, I send my warm wishes to you on Diwali.

Diwali represents the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and wisdom over ignorance. It is a time for spiritual contemplation, regeneration, community, and the pursuit of wealth and pleasure. The precise customs and traditions linked with Diwali may differ depending on area and personal beliefs, but the festival’s underlying message of optimism and happiness is fundamental.

Do read Hindu books to gain more knowledge about Sanatan Dharma and its significance in our daily life. If you are a parent then do tell your child about the importance of Festivals and Rituals. Don’t let it be limited to enjoyment only but tell the coming generation about Humanity, Love, Kindness, Human Values, Respecting others, and Logical thinking. Enjoy with friends and share Happy Diwali Wishes with them.

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