WALK  Walking helps to have different prespective by clearing neagtive thoughts.

INDULGE Indulge in activites you want to do, take break and spend time in interests.

GENEROUS Help stranger that would help you feel better, warm and fuzzy inside.

SOAK AND OBSERVE Dont talk to anyone in a public place and soak up the environment and observe things around you.

EDUCATE YOURSELF See what is troubling you and learn to tackle it accordingly.

PREPARATION write what you gonna do day before.

STRENGHTHS Focus on your strengths and go on

KEEP GOING AND IMPROVING Dont be stagnant, better take small steps continously.

HOBBY Work more on your hobby, find interests.

PRIORITIZE  Decide whats important right now and say no to extra obligations.

SLEEP Take good amount of sleep ,7 Hours must.

BE SILLY Dont take everything seriously, try to do silly things, create light and fun environment.

CRY Release all the emotions you will feel better.

SELFTALK Dont portray youself negative in selftalk

ITS A JOURNEY  Always keep in mind life is a journey and it has phases for small periods so everything will pass.