Maha maha bakwaaaas waaahiyat film First Half Report: A stuttering Vijay Deverakonda holds things together in the first half of Liger. He is the mainstay. The rest is typical and predictable Puri Jagannadh stuff with a flimsy storyline. A big second half is needed for the movie to take off.

two star is for Vijay and Tyson ,  what a flop ...waste of money  guys ...i felt like I am watching a old Tamil movie M Kumaram Son of Mahalaxmi,,,,  went for the  morning show , because such a hype they given ..... Seriously Darma production give us something gud please

The movie gives a high when Vijay wins the national championship, then he says aag hai andher, waat lagaa dengey.. That’s the high point for the movie, and there must be a closure to it. Puri raised the expectations with that scene and when people were expecting a chak dey india kind of a climax he decided to change the mood to Jaati ratnalu kind of comedy.

2 stars for Ramya Krishna and Vijay Deverakonda alone. First half lo half part was awsome but as soon as first half striked interval felt it as utterflop interval. Tyson ku b comedy banadiye, could have made more ferocious with such a great person atleast he could have been the main villain with some story around him

What a waste! Only 2 stars for Vijay and Mike Tyson.Just now watched the movie because of such a hype and truly this movie sucks!This films takes first half with a balanced drama and second half totally ruined.I never seen a film which dosen't have a climax.

Ok.. This film offers something which is not expected from it . The film promised to deliver  sport / romance drama which is not presented on screen . Comedy works to an extent in the first 30 mins . Sports drama are known for the detailing and to carry the excitement simply drama. And the other part romance, it is not presented to convince the audience and dragged for the first 90 minutes with no context.

VD has to rethink the kind of movies he needs to make. He needs to come out of arjun reddy zone where cuss words, violence has been glorified. It should be more inspirational. These kinds of bekaar scripts, loud acting, cuss words..should be reduced.. I boycott the film for Karan Johar.

Pathetic non actor nepo kid ananya pande useless. Deverkonda lost out in the mad rush into bollywood which is drugee wood. He Said we should not watch movie if we dont want to. I was his biggest fan his statement hurt me we spend our hard earned money on your movies and you make money and live a lavish life your this statement made me decided not to be your fan henceforth

Poor writing poor screenplay PRO:- 1.Vd screen presence 2. Getup srinu comedy track 3. Ramya Krishna a bit CON:- 1. Predictable story 2. Screen play is clumsy 2nd half is like 3 different movies 3. Plot is as usual 4. Other actors acting including heroine(she is very bad) 5. Mike Tyson is a joke( not at all important for the story) 6. Very badly dubbed(completely non sync ) actors speaking Hindi we hear Telugu 7. Routine climax nothing new 8. As usual bad direction by puri.

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