Unspoken Social Etiquettes that May help you

Don't call someone more than twice continously- unless its urgent, wait for reply 

If borrow money from someone return them even before they ask

If someone treats you to lunch - don't buy expensive one also treat them next time

Be nice and kind to waiters, cleaner etc give them same respect you would give to your senior

Always open the door for person who is coming behind you

If you take the Taxi with friend , if he/she pays this time you pay next time

Respect different shades of opinion

Never interrupt people while they are talking , let them complete

If you tease someone and they don't seem to enjoy don't do that

Say " Thank You" when someone helps you

Don't make promise if you can't keep it

When someone trusts you and tells you secret , don't break his / her trust

Don''t fix time without being punctual yourself

Never talk about your riches in midst of poor