Get up early in the morning and run or cycle for about 30-40 minutes

Stop taking bath with hot water. , The cold water bath refreshes your entire nervous system, thereby refreshing your mind and thoughts.

Eat Healthy, Focus on Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Good Amount of Water.

Play chess or any similar game with computer during the day, must play at least 3 games in 1 day of chess.

Read more and more. Read things that are new to you and informative. Stop watching stupid movies and useless news channels and useless pages.

The youth, especially in college, spend more time with school friends, they have an innovative mind.

Play with numbers as much as possible, try to remember the phone numbers of all your friends and close people and try to make calls based on calls instead of calling from the contact list or call log.

Learn the art of staying calm and getting rid of anger. It makes you a wise decision maker. Think Before Responding to Any Stressful Situation

Be curious Be hungry for knowledge, give up on yourself, question what you are curious about and find the answer.