BTS’ Kim Taehyung-Jennie dating rumours

The fandoms of the two popular Kpop bands are having a nasty fight online wherein ARMY defends BTS V and the Blinks defend Jennie.

ever since Gurumi Haribo dropped the alleged leaked pictures of BTS’ Kim Taehyung and Blackpink’s Jennie from Jeju Island, the two fandoms have been having a war on Twitter.

BTS ARMY and Blinks are furiously asking for the management agencies, HYBE aka Big Hit Entertainment and YG Entertainment to protect their artists.

However, more images started surfacing working like fuel to the fire of Jennie and Taehyung’s dating rumours.

And recently, Gurumi Haribo added that he/she and some people are planning on making Jennie break her silence over the dating rumours whilst she and the other Blackpink members are in Paris.

Gurumi Haribo has got support from about 15 people who all are planning on approaching Jennie politely to ask her to comment on her and BTS’ Taehyung’s dating rumours.

Gurumi has added that the group will try and ask Jennie to comment on the same as many times as possible