Black Panther Wakanda Forever teaser

Marvel released the Black Panther Wakanda Forever trailer, giving a good look not only at the new Black Panther in MCU, but also the film's powerful antagonist Namor.

Wakanda Forever is more dramatic and action-packed than we could have imagined.

Just over a month before the eagerly awaited movie opens in theatres, on October 3, Marvel unveiled the most recent trailer for the Black Panther sequel.

The brand-new Black Panther outfit in all its splendor is in the teaser.

But nobody has yet identified the lady wearing the Black Panther costume.

"Now is the moment to attack and show them who we are, as they have lost their defender", Namor is seen saying in the teaser.

Riri Williams/Ironheart, played by Dominique Thorne, is also prominently introduced.

According to director Ryan Coogler, the movie explores a variety of themes, but one of them is the idea of foils—individuals who stand in opposition to one another but share some traits.