Who is Anna Mani and what is she famous for?

image : en.wikipedia.org

Anna Mani was born in a family of Syrian-Christians in Peerumade village of Kerala on August 23, 1918.

Google Doodle is celebrating the 104th birth anniversary of renowned yet underrated physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani on Tuesday, August 23.

She is one of the biggest names in Indian physics whose work enabled us to make accurate weather predictions

Apart from weather forecasts, her work helped India succeed in renewable energy.

Anna Mani is considered a national icon of women's empowerment in the country as she broke the stereotypes by fighting the gender-based norms and excelling in a male-dominant field.

Anna Mani's life was an inspiring journey for many nationalists. She was a supporter of civil disobedience movement and wore only Khadi as a symbol of her national identity.

image : en.wikipedia.org

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