ALEX Scott broke down in tears

Alex says speaking about her traumatic childhood with an "abusive, alcoholic father" in interviews has been the toughest part.

Until now she hasn't even spoken out loud about what happened - even to her mum and brother.

"When my dad was sober he was a charming guy, but the moment drink was involved that would change.

The emotional moment took Alex's breath away and she paused to regain her composure.

She said through tears: "The hardest part is, I didn't write that chapter to shame my dad. "I wanted my mum to be free. "I want her to believe she's a role model and move forward.

Phil jokingly told Alex to ‘stop’ doing interviews because ‘it’s in the book’, which made her laugh and relax again, although she was clearly still emotional.

Alex admitted she doesn’t delve into every romance in her autobiography, but she wanted to share the story of her ‘first love’ with teammate Kelly Smith for a very important reason.