Get better experience with these 6 new features of Gmail

1. Change how emails are shown

Many users are unaware that they can easily change this view using Gmail's Settings. Gmail provides three Density options: Default, Comfortable, and Compact.

2. Activate the Reading Pane

With Gmail’s Reading Pane feature, you could read your emails without having to click each one and navigate back to your inbox every time.

3. Schedule Emails at any time

With email scheduling, you can specify a future date or time for Gmail to send your email.

4. Snooze less important emails

Gmail allows you to choose when snoozed emails will reappear. You could choose your own time and date to when to snooze the emails.

5. Undo your angry emails to your boss

Gmail allows you to undo a sent email. After you send an email, an undo button will appear briefly in the bottom-left corner of the page.

6. Organize your inbox with subfolders and labels

In Gmail, you can label your emails and organize them into subfolders.

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