15 Tax Tips for Non-Millionaires

1. Keep your records organized

2. Be thorough and legible if you're preparing by hand

3. Consider using tax prep software

4. Consider hiring a tax pro

5. Don't procrastinate filing your return

6. Pay even if you're filing for an extension

7. Contribute to your IRA(s)

8. Contribute to your 401(k)

9. File electronically

10. Harvest some losses, if it makes sense to

11. Read up on deductions and take what you can

12. See if bundling some deductions can work for you

13. Read up on tax credits and take what you can

14. Don't leave much in your flexible spending account

15. Save and invest that refund

It may not be exciting to read up on taxes, but the thought of possibly saving hundreds, if not several thousand, of dollars per year should be pretty exciting.