Top 10 Most Beautiful Punjabi Actress List – In 2021

Top 10 Most Beautiful Punjabi Actress List

Hello friends, welcome to another new blog post on this website. In which we will answer your question in detail. If you also have this question in your mind, who are the most beautiful actresses of Punjab?

Most of the time we all watch Punjabi movies. And the most beautiful actress of Punjab in those movies. And we want to know about them. I have made a list of some Punjabi actors in this blog post. Most of his movies are released in Punjab. After reading this entire blog post, you will know about all those actors. What you see in Punjabi movies. Let’s get started.

Here Top 10 Most Beautiful Punjabi Actress on List

1. Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa tops the list of most beautiful actresses in Punjab. Because Sonam Bajwa has acted in many movies in Punjab till date. Sonam Bajwa has acted in as many Punjabi movies. To date, all those movies have been super hits. Sonam Bajwa started her career in 2013.

Earlier in 2012, Sonam Bajwa had participated in Femina Miss India. In 2013, Sonam Bajwa acted in her first Punjabi film with Gippy Grewal. The name of that Punjabi film was Best Of Luck. . That film was a complete super hit. After this movie in 2014, Sonam Bajwa acted in Punjab 1984 movie. In 2020, Sonam Bajwa won the PTC Punjabi Film Awards for Best Actress.

2. Sargun Mehta

If you like to watch ammy virk’s Punjabi movies. So you must have seen the actor in the photo above as the main actor in Ammy Virk’s movie. The name of this actress is Sargun Mehta. I searched the internet for some information about Sargun Mehta. It turned out that Sargun Mehta had no intention of acting in Punjabi movies.

Sargun Mehta completed his education in the UK. Sargun Mehta completed his Master of Marketing degree in the UK. After completing his degree, Sargun Mehta gave an edition in 12/24 Karol Bagh. Sargun Mehta was selected in it. This is how Sargun Mehta started his career. Sargun Mehta first acted in an Angrej Punjabi movie.

3. Neeru Bajwa

Number three on this list is neeru bajwa. She is a very old Punjabi actress. He started his career in 1998. He was the first to start working in Bollywood movies. When neeru bajwa did not like working in Hindi language, then neeru bajwa started working in Punjabi movies.

Nowadays, Neeru Bajwa’s name appears in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Punjabi Actress List and will continue to come. Neeru Bajwa’s first movie was called Main Solah Baras Ki which was a Hindi movie.

4. Tania

Now let’s talk about that Punjabi actress. It has been only four years since he appeared in the Punjabi film industry. But this Punjabi actress comes at number four in the Top 10 Most Beautiful Punjabi Actress List due to her beauty. The name of this actor is Tania. Tania started her career in 2018. The name of Tania’s first Punjabi film was Qismat.

5. Mehreen Pirzada

Mehrin Pirzada tops the list of the most beautiful actresses in Punjab. The real name of mehreen pirzada is mehreen Kaur. mehreen pirzada Being a Punjabi actress is also a model of India and an Indian actor. Mehreen Pirzada has acted in three Punjabi movies so far. But apart from Punjabi movies, Mehreen Pirzada has also acted in movies in other languages ​​of India. Mehreen Pirzada started her career in 2016 by working in a Hindi movie.

6. Mandy Takhar

Mandy Takhar is number 6 among the beautiful Punjabi actresses. Mandy Takhar is an old actress in the Punjabi film industry. Mandy Takhar entered the Punjabi film industry in 2010. He had worked with Babbu Mann in the first Punjabi movie. Mandy Takhar has also received an award from PTC Punjabi.

7. Rubina Bajwa

Now let’s talk about the sister of Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa. Whose name is rubina bajwa. You may have seen them playing many Punjabi sweet characters. If we talk about Rubina Bajwa’s career. Ta entered the Punjabi film industry in 2017, almost 4 years before today. So far rubina bajwa has acted in 7 punjabi movies.

8. Himanshi khurana

This is how himanshi khurana’s career started. When himanshi khurana was only 9 years old. Then in 2009 himanshi khurana had participated in the Miss Ludhiana contest. After that himanshi khurana got an offer for modeling in a song. Since then himanshi khurana has acted in many Punjabi films. She is number 8 among the beautiful actresses of Punjab.

9. Simi chahal

Now let’s talk about Punjab’s cutest Punjabi actress. Whose name is simi chahal. At the top of the list of beautiful actresses of Punjab comes simi chahal. Simi Chahal started her Punjabi career in 2016 by working in the movie Bambukat. Which was a Punjabi movie.

10. Jasmin bajwa

You can watch the video below to see the photos of Punjabi actress

I sincerely hope you have read this blog post from the beginning to the end. And you will definitely like the information given about the Top 10 Most Beautiful Punjabi Actress in this post. Learn about 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars & Now on Instagram.


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