Top 10 Punjabi female singers 2021

Top 10 Punjabi female singers 2021

Hello friends, welcome to another new blog post on this website. In this post also you will read something related to the Punjabi music industry. Like friends, I talked about the top 10 Punjabi singers on this website.

And today in this post we will talk about Punjabi female singers who are singing very well. You also listen to these Punjabi female singers’ songs and want to know about the top 10 Punjabi female singers of Punjab. This blog is for you.

In this blog post, we have selected the top Punjabi female singers due to a lot of research. You can read about them in the list below. Let us know about Punjabi female singers.

Here list of top 10 Punjabi female singers 2021

Before I start this list, let me tell you some important things so that some of the questions in your mind are already gone. First of all, no singer has been compared in the list of this blog post. The list of this post will talk about the Punjabi Punjabi female singers who are giving the best songs to the Punjabi audience today.

Afsana khan

First of all, let’s talk about Afsana khan. The name of this singer comes first on this list because Afsana khan is currently singing Punjabi songs with Punjab’s top singer Sidhu moose wala.

Afsana Khan started her career in 2012 with Patispet in Voice of Punjab. Afsana Khan was selected in the top five in the voice of the Punjab show. After this Afsana khan sang a lot of Punjabi songs but Afsana khan was not a super hit in Punjab.

Then about 2 years ago today Afsana khan sang with Sidhu moose wala. The name of that Punjabi song was Dhaka. That Punjabi song Sidhu moose wala became a huge hit in Punjab. After which Afsana khan became known to the people of Punjab.

And nowadays Afsana khan’s name appears in the top Punjabi female singers. Even now Afsana khan is singing the most songs with Sidhu moose wala.

Gurlej Akhtar

Now when it comes to Punjabi female singers whose name can never come out of the list of top Punjabi female singers. Because nowadays Gurlej Akhtar has sung with every Punjabi singer. Gurlej Akhtar never refuses to sing with any Punjabi singer.

He also mentioned this in an interview. Which is a great thing. He started his career after singing in three Punjabi movies. After this Gurlej Akhtar started singing himself. However, they were not so many super hits.

Then slowly he started singing with Punjabi singers. Sidhu Moose Wala’s first song which was released in the Punjabi music industry was also with Gurlej Akhtar. Gurlej Akhtar has sung a lot with Sidhu Moose Wala so far. Which has been a huge super hit in the Punjabi music industry. Nowadays, every single month, songs are sung by Gurlej Akhtar are released on YouTube.

Banni Sandhu

The next Punjabi Singer in the list of Top Punjab Female Singers is Banni Sandhu. In the Punjabi music industry, he is known as Banni Sandhu. But her real name is Rupinder Kaur Sandhu.

It has been almost 4 to 5 years since Banni Sandhu entered the Punjabi music industry. Banni Sandhu started her career in 2018 with the song foji di bandook. Then Banni Sandhu collaborated with dilpreet dhillon in the next song. The song was a huge hit in Punjab.

This year and last year Banni Sandhu released many single tracks on YouTube. And all the songs were super hits in Punjab. After this Banni Sandhu’s name now appears in the top Punjabi female singers.

Nimrat Khaira

All the Punjabi female singers mentioned in the previous list are just one Punjabi female singer. But what we are talking about now is not only a good Punjabi singer but also a good model and actor. And so far he has acted in 3 to 4 Punjabi films.

The name of this Punjabi female singer is Nimrat Khaira. Nimrat Khaira’s real name is Nimratpal Kaur Khaira. Nimrat Khaira has been in the Punjabi music industry for a long time. He started his career in 2014. Now Nimrat Khaira has made a name for himself in Punjab.

In the future, you will see Nimrat Khaira singing with big Punjabi singers and working in movies with big celebrities.

Neha Kakkar

After talking about four Punjabi female singers, we have now reached No. 5. And now let’s talk about the Punjabi female singer who has made a name for herself in the Punjabi music industry and is now doing a great job in the Hindi music industry as well. We are talking about Neha Kakkar. Neha Kakkar started in the Punjabi music industry in 2006.

Jasmine Sandlas

The next singer in the list is Jasmine Sandlas. She uses the most English words in her Punjabi songs. Jasmine Sandlas Most songs have gone with Punjabi singer Gary Sandhu. He is also a very old artist in Punjabi music industry. Jasmine Sandlas started her career in 2012 with the song Gulabi. Jasmine Sandlas Live shows are great. Jasmine Sandlas is not only a Punjabi singer but also a good model.

Sunanda Sharma

Now let’s talk about Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma who comes next on this list. Sunanda Sharma’s first two songs were titled Billi Akh and Patke. Both songs were sung by Sunanda Sharma early in her career in the Punjabi music industry. Both these songs were huge super hits in Punjab. Today, Sunanda Sharma is collaborating with some of Bollywood’s biggest artists. Due to which Sunanda Sharma is one of the top female singers in Punjab.

Watch the video below to learn more

I hope after reading this entire blog post you will get a lot of information about Top 10 Punjabi female singers. The list of female singers in this blog post has been shared. Most of the Punjabi songs are being released today. You must read about Punjabi Singer Booking Price List India – 2021.


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