Top 10 Handsome Punjabi singers list In 2021

Top 10 Handsome Punjabi singers In 2021

We are back again with a post on this website related to Punjabi Music Industry. In which we will talk about today’s top 10 most beautiful singers. Who is very beautiful in terms of their face. At the same time, their body is very beautiful.

You can follow the handsome Punjabi singers mentioned in this post. And you can try to make your body and face like them. So you too can try to be a handsome boy. So that Punjabi girls can be more active towards you. So let’s start this post and tell you, handsome Punjabi singers.

Here list of Top 10 Handsome Punjabi singers

Guru Randhawa

Let’s start with the list of Top 10 Handsome Punjabi singers and talk about Guru Randhawa first. Whose name keeps appearing in the top singers of Punjab. Punjab tops Handsome’s list of singers with these names. He was born on August 30, 1991. Guru Randhawa’s body height is 1.64 meters. Speaking of their bodybuilding, this Punjabi singer does not have the grief of bodybuilding. Guru Randhawa’s body is like a normal human being.

Parmish Verma

The next number one singer in Handsome Punjabi singers is Parmish Verma. How many have worked hard to enter the Punjabi music industry? Apart from being a singer, Parmish Verma is a good Punjabi actor, Punjabi video director, and a good model. And now Parmish Verma has given many beautiful movies to the Punjabi audience. Parmish Verma was born on July 3, 1990. Today, Parmish Verma is about 31 years old. They are number one among Punjabi singers in terms of body. Their body length is 5 feet 11 inches.


Now let’s talk about Punjabi Singer Ninja. Ninja’s real name is Amit Bhalla which is known to very few people in Punjab. Before entering the Punjabi music industry, Ninja’s body was very ugly. This means that the bodyweight of the first Ninja was very high. Ninja also had a lot of fat on her face. And a fat man doesn’t fit into a handsome man in any way. But Punjabi singer Ninja has worked hard for less body fat. Their body has also become very beautiful while reducing their body fat. Ninja is one of the top handsome singers of Punjab. Ninja was born in 1991. Ninja is almost 30 years old today.

Jass Manak

Now we are going on this list because of that Punjabi Singer. He has given a very good song to the Punjabi audience at a very young age. Today, he is only 23 years old. In my opinion, his name comes first among the youngest singers in the Punjabi music industry. I’m talking about jass Manak. Born in February 1999. The real name of jass manak is Jaspreet Singh manak. That is why his name appears in the list of Top 10 Punjabi Handsome Singers. Because jass Manak is too young. Jass Manak’s body length is 5 feet 7 inches. Jass Manak’s body is like a normal human being. I mean, jass manaks don’t have a bodybuilding hobby.

Jassi Gill

The next Punjabi singer on this list is Jassi Gill. Who easily makes it to the list of Punjab’s Top Handsome Singers. Jassi Gill started her career singing Punjabi songs. Then became a model. And now there is a very good Punjab actor. And they have given a very beautiful film to the audience of Punjab. Jassi Gill has also acted in a Hindi movie. Jassi Gill was born in 1988 and today Jassi Gill is about 32 years old.

Hardy Sandhu

The next Punjabi Singer on this list is Hardy Sandhu. Who became a Punjabi singer after an injury. Let me tell you, Hardy Sandhu is a good cricketer. He played cricket for about 9 years before becoming a singer. Hardy Sandhu has also played for India. Now you can estimate for yourself how much Hardy Sandhu loves cricket. Hardy Sandhu was injured while playing cricket. As a result, Hardy Sandhu had to quit cricket. Then Hardy Sandhu worked hard to sing for about 19 months. After this Hardy Sandhu became a good Punjabi singer. Hardy Sandhu was born on September 6, 1986. Hardy Sandhu is 34 years old today.

Diljit Dosanjh

At the next number in this list let’s talk about the Punjabi Singer who stays at the top in Punjab i.e. Diljit Dosanjh. Diljit Dosanjh was born on January 6, 1984, and is approximately 37 years old by the year 2021. If there is one thing that has given the most to the Punjabi audience, it is Diljit Dosanjh. Those who have sung the most Punjabi songs today have acted in most Punjabi films. Moreover, Diljit Dosanjh has also made a name for himself in the Bollywood industry these days. After work in only two Hindi movies. Diljit Dosanjh’s body height is about 5 feet 8 inches.


In the list of Top 10 Handsome Singers of Punjab, if we talk about the next Punjabi Singer, his name is Guri. He was born on January 3, 2021, and is 27 years old today. Guri started his career with Punjabi songs. Guri also acted in a Punjabi film but Guri got a very good performance in it. In Punjabi songs, Guri has come a long way with other Punjabi singers. Guri’s body height is 5 feet 8 inches.

Ammy Virk

Now let’s talk about the singer who gives films to most of the Punjabi audience in the Punjabi film industry. Whose name is Ammy Virk. Ammy Virk’s real name is Amninderpal Singh Virk. Ammy Virk started her career in 2012 with Punjabi songs. From 2012 until today, Ammy Virk has gone up and not down in her life. In the near future you will see Ammy Virk working in Hindi movies besides Punjabi movies.

Mankirt Aulakh

The top 9 Handsome Punjabi singers have reached the end of this list after a while. The number that comes up is Mankirt Aulakh. Mankirt Aulakh was also a very good player of Kabaddi before entering the Punjabi music industry. Mankirt Aulakh was also injured while playing kabaddi. Due to which Mankirt Aulakh had to give up the game of Kabaddi. Then Mankirt Aulakh focused on becoming a good Punjabi singer who is today. Mankirt Aulakh was born on October 2, 1990. Today, Mankirt Aulakh is about 27 years old.

A lot of research has been done before writing this post. This list has been prepared keeping in view the many points of Punjabi singers. I hope you enjoyed this Top 10 Handsome Punjabi singers list. You must read about Top 10 Punjabi singers in 2021.


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