Top Tech YouTubers in India – 2021

Top Tech YouTubers in India - 2021

Hello friends welcome to another new blog post from this website. As we often say about the top things on this website. So today in this post also we will talk about Tech YouTubers in India. By watching their videos, you can easily solve the problems that come up in your life with technology.

Friends, the population in this world is increasing. Similarly, technology is advancing rapidly in the world. Every day new smartphones are launched in India. A lot of software is ready. Using them you can make your work much easier.

But if you don’t know about the technology being launched in the world then you have reached the right blog post. In this post, we will tell you. Tech YouTubers in India are the most popular and publish great content on their YouTube Daily. Which solves the problems that come up in your technology.

This YouTube will give you the right advice for investing money in the right technology. So let’s start this post and know about Tech YouTubers in India who make videos in the Hindi language.

Here list of Tech YouTubers in India

Technical Sagar

First, in this list let’s talk about Technical Sagar which is a very good YouTube channel. Technical Sagar The owner of the YouTube channel is Abhishek Sagar. Who are masters of computers? Born on 28/7/1994 in Delhi, this YouTuber has studied up to

Now let’s talk about the Technical Sagar YouTube channel. What kind of content will you find in this channel? The video of this YouTube channel will be useful to every poorest man. In the Technical Sagar YouTube channel, you can find video updates on the current problems in computers and mobiles.

This will teach you how to protect the data stored in your mobile and the data stored in your computer. How can you protect your technology? You will find the most theoretical videos on this YouTube channel. In this channel, you are not taught by taking you inside any computer screen.

If you are a little techie then you will easily understand the video of this youtube channel. Apart from technology, you will also find gaming content on this channel. There are over 2.74 million subscribers on this YouTube channel. About 1710 videos have been uploaded on this YouTube. 1 to 2 videos related to technology are uploaded on this youtube every day.

Technical Guruji

At the next number in this list, let’s talk about Technical Guruji who comes first in the top 10 YouTubers of India in technology. The Technical Guruji YouTube channel currently has 21.3 million subscribers. Tech is much more than a YouTube channel. The owner of this channel is Gaurav Chaudhary. You will find a lot of legend content on this YouTube channel. Which will be related to tech.

Now let’s talk about what kind of content Gaurav Chaudhary uploads on this YouTube channel. First of all, you will find unboxing videos of all types of mobile phones on this channel. Second, Gaurav Chaudhary uploads the latest news videos on the Technical Guruji YouTube channel. Which are related to technology.

Tech Burner

At the top of the list is the technology-related YouTube channel called Tech Burner. Which is a great channel. On the Tech Burner channel, you will find videos related to technology that you can never think of. Like old mobile, weird technology videos are made on this channel.

Apart from this, the video of any mobile phone launched in India comes on this channel a day or two after the launch date of the mobile phone. On this channel, you will find unboxing videos of all the products of Apple company on this channel.


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