Most Expensive Things In The World – Like Painite, Diamond

Most Expensive Things In The World

Hello friends, welcome back to the website’s blog post. In this post, you will learn about an interesting topic. That subject is called the most expensive thing in the world.

Friends, there are so many things on this earth. For instance, from time immemorial, only gold and silver have been used in trade. Gold is used to make jewelry. Today, the price of 10 grams of gold in India is around 40,000.

It may seem to you that gold is the most expensive thing on earth today. Because only 40,000 less gold is available. This is the superstition of your mind because there are so many such things in this world today.

If you want to buy a 1 gram portion of that item, you have to pay millions of rupees. There are some things on this earth that you can’t even think of buying. Let us tell you about the most expensive thing in the world in this post.

Here list of the most expensive things in the world

1. Painite – First of all let’s talk about the Painite stone which was discovered in 1957. The stone was first found in Myanmar. All the other pieces of paintite found in Myanmar have been found. Myanmar is a country in South Asia. The price of Painite has risen so much since 1957. In the market, only 1 gram of Painite stone sells for more than Rs 5 lakh. From 1957 to 2001, only three pieces of paintite were found in Myanmar. Today there are a total of 1000 pieces of paintite in the world. Painite stone is not used in jewelry. We have no information about where the paintite stone is made.

2. Tritium – Next comes the substance Tritium which is an acetotoxic of hydrogen. Which contains two neutrons. Which are not normally in hydrogen. The substance Tritium keeps emitting a light from within. Tritium also emits different types of light from within. Tritium is not harmful to humans or any living thing. Some scientists are investigating the cause of light from Tritium. Tritium is also very expensive in the market today. The total value of one gram of tritium is Rs 21 lakh.

3. Diamond – The next most expensive item in the world is a diamond. Which you will also know. But you may not know how a diamond is made. No research is done on diamonds. The diamond is formed automatically 1000 miles below the surface of the earth. Whenever lava comes out from under the earth. So a lot of diamonds come out with it. There are many types of diamonds. Diamond is priced at thirty per carat. If the diamond belongs to a pure caterer. So its price is very high. A gram of diamond costs around Rs 35 lakh.

4. Californium – Next on this list is a substance called Californium. Which is developed by scientists in the science lab. Californium is a very soft substance. It breaks down very easily. This substance is white in color. This substance was first developed by man on Earth in 1950. This use is most common in two things. The first is the use of Californium in a nuclear power plant. Secondly, Californium is used to treat diseases like cancer. One gram of Californium is worth more than Rs 18 billion.

5. Antimatter – Now let’s talk about the most expensive thing called Antimatter. Which is a substance. You will be surprised to know that Antimatter is not on earth yet. But NASA claims that if someone pays them 63.5 billion dollars. NASA will give him a gram of anti-matter from the earth.

After a lot of research, we were able to find out about 4 to 5 substances. Which are the most expensive items in the whole world. Which you can never buy in your own life. I hope you enjoyed the information we shared in this post. You must read about How To Impress a Girl.


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