Top Tattoo Artist in Punjab – 2021

Top Tattoo Artist in Punjab - 2021

Hello, friends welcome to a new blog post on this website in which we have come up with another solution to your problem. Friends, the craze of getting 3d tattoos on the body of young boys and girls all over Punjab is increasing day by day. And some boys and some girls from Punjab are making 3D on their bodies.

There are two types of tattoos: normal tattoos and 3d tattoos. Normal tattoos are those that are made with just a few lines. You pay very little to get these tattoos done. You can get a normal tattoo by going to a fair.

Now let’s talk about 3d tattoos whose grief is growing very fast among the boys and girls of Punjab. 3d tattoos are those that scare any normal picture on any part of the body with the machine. If you want to get such a tattoo on your body, you have to pay a huge amount. And to get a 3d tattoo you have to go to a big city and find a 3d tattoo maker.

You don’t have to go to a city to find a 3D tattoo maker. In this blog post, I am going to tell you about Top Tattoo Artist in Punjab. Where you can get a nice and beautiful tattoo on your body. Let’s start this post and know about the Top Tattoo Artist who is in Punjab.

Here list of top tattoo artist in punjab

Artist Gill

The most talked about in this list is Artist Gill who is a famous 3D tattoo artist not only in Punjab but all over India. Artist Gill’s real name is Randeep Singh Gill. Artist Gill was a very good painter when he was 16 to 17 years old. Artist Gill wanted to be a good tattoo maker when he grows up.

He is still a great tattoo maker today. All the famous singers in Punjab have got tattoos on their bodies, all the tattoos have been done by Artist Gill. This is the fact that Artist Gill has done a lot of tattoos to date. But Artist Gill has not made a single tattoo on his body so far. If you want to get a tattoo from Artist Gill then you have to go to Ludhiana district of Punjab.

Kamz Inkzone

Next on the list is Kamz Inkzone. These studios are located in the Jalandhar district of Punjab. Kamz Inkzone has been in this line since 2010. Kamz Inkzone has also got tattoos on the bodies of many famous singers to date. Such as Garry Sandhu, Sukh-E, A Kay, Ninja, Master Saleem, Sara Gurpal, Zora Randhawa, and Elly Mangat.

Kamz Inkzone Instagram I’d = kamzinkzone

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