Top 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars & Now on Instagram in 2021

Top 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars & Now on Instagram in 2021

Hello Guys, welcome to another new blog post from this website. In which we have something about those Punjabi people. He has become very famous on social media in Punjab by showing his talent in a 30-second video. I hope you find out after reading the word for 30 seconds. I will actually tell you about how much in this post. He is a Punjabi Tiktokar star. Before he became a Tiktok Ben, he used to make a 30-second video on Tiktok.

So today in this blog post you will know about Top 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars & Now on Instagram in 2021. So you can follow the Top 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars mentioned in this blog on Instagram. And Daily can watch their videos for their time pass reason. Let’s start this post.

Here list of Top 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars & Now on Instagram

At the beginning of this list, let me first tell you something important. As such, no Punjabi Tiktok Star has been compared among them. Meaning in this list they will tell about Punjabi Tiktok Stars.

These are the Punjabi Tiktok Stars that I personally follow. I really like those Punjabi Tiktok Stars. That is why I am writing this blog post about those Punjabi Tiktok Stars. is creating great content on the reels of Instagram these days. So after reading this post you can follow them on Instagram.

1. Sandeep Brar

First of all let’s talk Sandeep Brar. Who used to make videos on the first tiktok. After that they now make their own videos in reels on Instagram. They don’t dance in any of their videos. Nor do they make videos by lip-syncing to Punjabi songs. Each of these videos contains a small message. These videos show you how you can be successful in your life. This means that all their videos are motivated.

Today he has 517k followers on Instagram id. Sandeep Brar doesn’t follow anyone on his Instagram id. So far Sandeep Brar has posted 470 videos on his Instagram id. Sandeep Brar makes a reel and posts it on his Instagram for three to four days. Sandeep Brar’s Instagram id name is onlySandeepBrar.

2. Appy Saini

At the second place in this list are the Punjabi tick tock stars. She is a Punjabi girl named Appy Saini. Appy Saini’s real name is Harpreet Kaur. Appy Saini now makes videos on her Instagram by lip-syncing Punjabi songs. She is a very beautiful fifth girl. It has about 104k followers on Instagram. Appy Saini keeps posting one or two videos on his Instagram id every day.

3. Ashleen kaur

Now let’s talk about Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars. Who are at number three. She is also a Punjabi girl. It is very famous in Punjab. The name of this Punjabi girl is Ashleen kaur. Ashleen Kaur’s first Tiktok had 840k followers. And now they have 600K followers on Instagram as well. This girl posts videos of Punjabi songs and dances on her Instagram id. The name of their Instagram id is Ashleendadskaur.

4. S kay galot

At number four on this list is s kay galot. s kay galot is a young Punjabi boy. Who is the lyrics writer of the video? Meaning s kay galot also makes reels on Instagram like Sandeep Brar. s kay galot After watching the videos, you get some motivation. Today, s kay galot has 250k followers on Instagram.

5. Harmanjot Kaur

There is a Punjabi girl at number five in the list of Top 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars. The name of this Punjabi girl is Harmanjot Kaur. Which had 1.3 million followers on Tiktok. After being Tiktok Ben, Harmanjot Kaur now makes videos by lip-syncing Punjabi songs on Instagram. Today, Harmanjot Kaur is followed by 350k people on Instagram. Harmanjot Kaur’s Instagram id is Harmanjot.Kaur_.

6. Jaskirat maan

Where Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars are being talked about. In it, a young Punjabi boy named Jaskirat Maan can never be left behind. List of Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars mentioned above. Jaskirat maan has the most flowers.

He had 1.6 million followers on Tiktok. Instagram also has the most followers these days. Jaskirat maan has 964K flowerware on Instagram id. Jaskirat maan also makes videos by lip-syncing to Punjabi songs. Jaskirat maan posts a new video on his Instagram id after two to three days. Jaskirat maan’s Instagram id is jaskiratmaan07.

7. Samreet Narula

Now let’s talk about samreet narula Punjabi TikTok Star. Which is number seven on this list. Samreet Narula is very famous in Punjab. samreet narula is married. Now he makes all the reels on Instagram with his wife. Today, Samreet Narula has over 1 million followers on Instagram. The name of mr_mrs.narula is the id on their Instagram.

8. Prabh Kaur

Now let’s talk about the next Punjabi Tiktok Star. Whose fan following is much higher than the rest of the Punjabi Tiktok Star. These names are Prabh kaur. She is a young Punjabi girl. Prabh kaur Tiktok had 2.2 million followers. Now this young girl is making a video by lip-syncing on Punjabi songs and posting it as a reel on Instagram. Today, Prabh kaur has more than 1.2 million flowers on Instagram. Prabh kaur’s Instagram id name is Prabh.ka.ur.

9. official_kjatti

Now I don’t know the real name of the Punjabi TikTok Star I’m talking about. But the girl keeps posting daily videos on this official_kjatti of Instagram. She is also a Punjabi girl. This Punjabi girl had 3.5 million followers on Tiktok. But if this girl has 650k followers on her Instagram id. The name of this Punjabi girl’s Instagram id is official_kjatti.

10. Reet narula

Now let’s talk about the Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars which had the most followers on Tiktok than all the Punjabi Tiktok Stars listed above. This is a young Punjabi girl. Which had more than 4 million followers on Tiktok.

Watch the video below to see photos of these Tiktok Stars.

I hope you enjoyed the information we shared about the Top 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok Stars & Now on Instagram in this blog post. You may know about those Top 10 Famous Punjabi Tiktok in detail. After banning Tiktok in India, they now post as a reel on Instagram. You must read about the Top 10 Most Beautiful Punjabi Actress.


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